Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Eyebrows on point

So I would never say on point in real life but thought it would make a good blog post name! I'm currently lazing on the sofa with a food baby after visiting a carvery and fancied blogging. So anyway my eyebrows are something I feel quite strongly about and cannot leave the house without having some sort of product in them. Now I feel eyebrows are a very personal thing so if you don't like the way I do my brows that's absolutely fine we are all able to have our own opinions but I do like how I do them... it would be boring if we all liked the same thing!

When I was 13 that's when I first ever had them waxed and since them I've went through periods of getting them waxed regularly and then periods where I will just pluck them myself. I personally find waxing a lot less painful but saying that I have had a few waxing disasters. One of the worst was when I was about 15 and I was left with a few strands of hair on each eyebrow I may as well have had none left, I looked like a crazy person! I mean they both have their pros and cons but I'm currently going though a plucking phase as it's convenient and quick and cheap as you don't have to pay to get it done. But I am wanting to go get them waxed as I like the finish it's neat and you don't have to keep plucking which hurts so much more! So if you live in the north east any suggestions on good places to get them waxed would be much appreciated :)!

One technique I've never tried with eyebrows is threading, which I've heard mixed reviews on and I've never tried HD brows which I would like to try but seems like such a long process when I fill them in daily any ways I don't know if there would be much point!

I would love to know what you do with your brows or if you leave them au naturale.

Speak soon :)

Lucy x