Wednesday, 24 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 24 The End of Blogmas

Hi everyone,

So this is the second time of me writing this as I finished it earlier then my phone died before I saved it which was just fabulous haha not!

Anyways I hope you've all had a great Christmas Eve and I hope you have a lovely Christmas Day tomorrow. I hope Santa is good to you all!

So this is my last Blogmas post! I'm so happy I managed to keep it up although there was a couple of hiccups along the way with my computer saving a couple of posts as drafts rather than uploading which was annoying but I've really enjoyed doing it. I will most probably do it next year too. 

As this is my last Blogmas post I thought I would just do a general chit chat one. I have to say I am a bit relieved Blogmas is over as when you work full time it's hard to fit everything in including blogging in your spare time. Saying that though I really do love blogging, I wouldn't do it if I didn't!

So I thought I would share a couple of things with you :).

First of all I wanted to tell you about my amazing advent calendar this year. I know this sounds pretty strange but it was the best one I've ever had and it was a Lindt one. This has 24 windows and each window has either a mini Lindt ball, bear or reindeer. In the 24th window (today), you got a full size Lindt teddy bear! All of which is gone now, I do feel a bit sick though I've been such a pig today haha but it's fine as it's Christmas time (mistletoe and wine..... That song has been stuck in my head all day!) I cannot wait to get another one of these next year and if you haven't tried this one I definitely recommend!

Second thing I wanted to share is about my make up. Now I generally do have an every day make up look that I wear every days haha but the last few days I've switched it up a bit and tried different looks and just had fun with my makeup. For all of the eye looks I've used my new Make Up Reveloution Flawless Palette which I am in love with! So I thought I'd show you a few photos of my make up from the past few days :).

I hope you've enjoyed reading my Blogmas posts and I will be back in the next few days with a new post :). Have an amazing day tomorrow!

Merry Christmas,  

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 23 Blogger Love December

Hi everyone,

Hope your all excited for Christmas seeing as it's Christmas Eve's Eve! I am so excited I love this time of year!

So I saw this post on Ellen Atlanta's blog and I really liked the idea of sharing the blogger's you've been loving each month. 

I think it's great to show the blogs you've been loving as its a great way for others to find new blogs and I think it shows your support for others doing the same thing as yourself. Seeing as I thought her post idea was amazing I thought I would copy and start this monthly post too, I hope she doesn't mind!

I'm not going to put a number on this and say each month I'll tell you my favourite 5 or 10 bloggers that month, it will probably differ the number of blogs I talk about, if that makes sense :).

I really love Ellen's style and her photos on her blog always look amazing!

I love Sophie's individual style and her hair is amazing! Sophie also has a YouTube channel as well as her blog.

Jamie is my make up inspiration at the moment, her make up always looks incredible. Like Sophie she has a YouTube channel too.  

I have to say Sabrina's hair is amazing and she too has a YouTube channel. Her blog is beauty related which I love and she always has interesting posts on there.

Hope you've enjoyed this post and I would definitely recommend checking these bloggers out :).

Merry Christmas,

Monday, 22 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 22 Simple Make up Wipes Review

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas. Tonight's post is just going to be a quick one as I only finished work at 10 so I'm shattered and need some sleep!

I know a lot of people aren't a fan of make up wipes and prefer using a cream cleanser type product instead. Personally I love make up wipes. I know that they aren't the best for your skin as they can tug but I just find them perfect at taking all of your make up off.

I often double cleanse so take my make up off with a wipe then go in with a cream cleanser after. But on nights like tonight where all I want to do is get my make up off and get into bed, I find a make up wipe is my best friend haha!

So my favourite brand of make up wipes at the minute are the Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes. I get these from Boots and they are £3.49 last time I checked which some people would say is a little bit pricey for wipes but they really do work! Also you get 25 wipes per packet. 

I have really sensitive skin and eyes and these wipes don't irritate either of them. They are so gently on your skin they are amazing. Even though they are so gentle though, they remove every single bit of make up. I find normally when something says gentle it doesn't take all of my make up off but these wipes do. I actually got a shock when I first used them as I was expecting my eyes to sting and half my make up left on my face but neither of these things happened :)!

So other great things about these wipes are they include vitamib B5 and vitamin E. They also don't include any alcohol or oil in them so they aren't greasy feeling at all and they don't use any artificial perfume or colour and they don't use any harsh chemicals.

I can't recommend these enough, if you are a fan of make up wipes I would suggest you try these ones out! (No I'm not sponsored to say this haha I just think they are that good!)

Let me know if you love or loathe make up wipes and if you have tried these before :).

Merry Christmas,

Sunday, 21 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 21 Hair Hacks by Cool Blades

Hi everyone,

So a few days ago I got an email directing me to this website called Cool Blades. This is a hair dressing supplier who sell to hair salons but I am guessing alongside that they upload little tips and tricks for those of us who aren't professionals (although even if you are a professional in hair it's always nice to learn some new tricks!)

In the email was a link to a photo list they had done called 20 Amazing Straightener Hacks for Styling Your Hair. Now I love doing my makeup but normally by the time I've finished doing that I sometimes cannot be bothered to spend loads of time on my hair so anything that makes it look nice quickly interests me haha. After having a look at this list I was definitely inspired to try some of the hacks out as they looked really good and the photos were really clear so you could understand what was happening in them.

I was going to try a few of these hacks out but after trying one, I did have to apply quite a lot of heat to my hair as it never likes to hold a style haha, so I decided I would only do one today as I didn't want to really damage my hair!

Saying that I was quite impressed with the hack I tried. The one I tried was to create loose waves in your hair. To do this you had to plait/braid your hair and then run the straighteners down the plaits/braids a few times and then take them out and you would have nice loose waves.

So I plaited my hair in two plaits on either side of my head. I would usually do this before bed if I wanted waves the next day. I then ran the straighteners down each braid 3/4 times and then I took them out. I have to be totally honest with you as I would never lie as I have said before, when I took them out there was very little wave in my hair. However, I think this is mainly because I did only run the straightener down my hair quite quickly and I did only do it 3/4 times. So second time lucky haha. I re-plaited (definitely not a word haha!) my hair and tried again- if you don't succeed, try and try again! This time I held the straighteners on to my hair for quite a few seconds and did this all the way down the plait. I then also ran it down it smoothly but applied quite a bit of pressure to it. I did this quite a few times to each plait and then I let them cool before taking them out. This also helped set the style. Like I said above though my hair is very fine and it doesn't really like holding styles and it takes a LOT of hairspray to keep my hair in place! However, when I took the plaits out this time there was definite waves in my hair! This is quite a quick way to get waves in your hair considering normally I would have to wait a whole night for waves to develop and its a good way to use your straighteners for a different style!

Please excuse my Bambi onesie in these photos haha! I've had such a lazy day today and did't want to get out of it haha!

                 Before                                                                         After

I would definitely recommend going and checking the photo list (I've linked it above) as there are some great ideas to style your hair using your straighteners and I will definitely be trying a few more of these out :).

Merry Christmas,
Lucy x

Saturday, 20 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 20 Anatomicals Facial Spritz Review

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it's only 5 days until Christmas?! Eeee so excited :)! 

So today I've got a review for you all. I received this product in a subscription box, I can't remember which one it was though I think it might have been the Love ME Beauty box but I do know that Glossybox sells this on their website too.

This product is by Anatomicals and they always have quirky little names and packaging for all of their products which I really like. I hadn't tried a facial spritz before or any product by them so I was excited to. 

I have been using this for a little while so that I could give you a true review on this product and not just a first impression :).

The ingredients in this include rose extract, lavender extract, witch hazel and peppermint extract. All of these do amazing things for your skin and this spritz claims to rehydrate and calm your skin. I thought this would be perfect for my skin at the minute as since it has gotten colder my skin has gotten really dry and it's always had redness so hopefully this little spritz would help!

I was very hopeful when trying this but didn't want to get my hopes up but I have to say this product has really impressed me! I spray it morning and night after cleansing my skin and it has definitely helped. I still get a bit of redness here and there but after using it my skin feels amazing and soo soo soft. I love this and will definitely be repurchasing once I've ran out. I also use it to dampen my beauty blender and my skin has been looking more radiant under my foundation but not oily at all.

I read online that some people only think it's a summer product and they only use it to cool down and hydrate their skin in the warmer months which I can see why they say that as it is nice and cooling but I think this can be used all year round. It does say that you can also use this to set your makeup which I haven't tried yet but I am definitely going to as I didn't realise you could use it for that until I read up on it today haha!

If you're looking for a new product to try I would definitely suggest trying this out as it is for all skin types including sensitive skin and it makes your skin feel fab!

Let me know if you've tried this and if you have what were your thoughts on it :)?

Merry Christmas,

Friday, 19 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 19 Quickie

Hi everyone,

So seeing as I've just gotten in from work (23:55) this will just be a quick post :).

I've seen on a lot of people's blogs that some people open all of their presents on Christmas Eve which I've never done before and it got me wondering if lots of people do this?

When I was younger I was allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve but that was all and I got new jarmies too but that was all I opened until Christmas Day.

Let me know if you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day :)?

Yes! Got this up before 12!

Merry christmas,

Thursday, 18 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 18 Pre Christmas Treats

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas! I finished the last little bits of my Christmas shopping today, I didn't really have much left to get so once I had done that I decided to treat myself :).

So I went into Superdrug and had a little browse! I only picked up 3 things but it was really hard to resist buying more! I got a real techniques brush, a make up reveloution palette and a collection concealer.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

These are loved by a lot of people and I can see why. I already own one brush from this range, the stippling brush and I love it so I really wanted to try more. I aim to collect the whole range but I have heard good reviews about this brush so I thought it would a good idea to get this one. 

Make Up Reveloution Flawless Palette

Lately I have heard so many good things about this brand and it is sooo affordable! I really wanted to try their lipsticks as they are only £1 but they didn't really have many shades left so I decided to get this palette instead. This was only £8 and it includes some beautiful colours. This is a neutral palette and includes matte and shimmer shades. I did swatch some and the shimmer shades seemed more pigmented than the matte shades but they all seemed really lovely. If you would like a more in depth review on this palette let me know and I will do one :)!

Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Concealer

This is another brand that seems to be getting quite popular and I had seen a lot of reviews on this concealer. This was only £2.99! I haven't tried many concealers but I am looking forward to trying this one. I got this one in shade 1 fair. I am really pale so I am hoping this looks alright and light on my skin.

Also for those who read my blog regularly just to let you know I got the teal wrapping paper from Debenhams! I am going to do a post on how I wrap my presents over the weekend so come back for that :)!

Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 17 My 3 New Favourite Nail Varnishes

Hi everyone,

So at this time of year I love having glittery nail varnish on. I normally wear black or red nail varnish when I don't have acrylics on but I was recently given these glittery shades by Leighton Denny and I've fallen in love. 

These 3 colours are definitely my 3 new fave shades and it was so hard deciding on what one to wear first! I decided to go with the glittery green and I'm loving this colour at the moment! It's similar to  the   Christmas Party dress I wore a couple of posts ago. 

I have a few Leighton Denny nail varnishes and I always find them to apply really nicely but I don't think they are as popular as they should be, I really love them!

Guilt Free

I think out of the 3 this would be my most favourite one, I just love the colour so much. It's strange because I was never really into green colours but I love them at the moment. I love how glittery it is, it's amazing!

Be My Berry

This hasn't photographed very well but in real life it is pretty much a true red with a very fine shimmer/glitter to it. Red is normally my go to colour for my nails, so I have a lot of reds in my nail varnish collection but I don't have one like this and I can't wait to wear it. I'll probably put it on next week, all ready for Christmas (by the way I can't believe it's only a week till Christmas)!


This colour is amazing! I don't own anything like it, it is mega glittery. It's kind of a purple shade but it's red and blue glitter together which makes it look purple, if that makes sense haha! I love it and can't wait to try it. Normally with glittery nail varnish it can go on quite sheer which I'm not a fan of, so I hope it doesn't do that or else I will have to put quite a few coats on and no one has time for that haha!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know out of the 3 polishes what one is your favourite :).

Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 16 Top 5 Christmas Beauty Sets

Hi everyone,

One of the reasons this is one of my favourite times of year is because a lot of beauty brands come out with limited edition Christmas sets and palettes and I love seeing what they have came up with!

So I thought I would do this post on the Top 5 Christmas beauty sets that I have seen and that I would love to either get as a pressie or treat myself too haha!

1) Nars Laser Cut Eye, Cheek and Lip Palette £35

I've not tried a lot of Nars products but I think this is very reasonably priced for what you get and yes I love the packaging! So in this you get 3 eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer and a lip gloss. I think that's an amazing amount of products for £35! 

2) Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette £42

I've always wanted to get a vice palette from Urban Decay as they always look amazing and this one is no different. I think all of the colours would be able to be used and create loads of different looks. For £42 you get 20 shadows, a double ended brush and a bag to put the palette in. This would make a great gift for any beauty junkie :)!

3) Urban Decay Naked on the Run £37

I have to say when I saw everything you got in this set I thought it would be much more expensive than it is. When I've read posts or watched videos on this people have been divided about whether they like the packaging of this. I personally quite like it, let me know what you think in the comments below :). So in this set you get a mascara, an eyeliner, 6 eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer and a lipgloss! Although some of these are travel sized products, I think this is still an amazing price and it's great for anyone who travels a lot as you have a lot of products altogether in one set.

4) Bobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette £59

I think Bobbi Brown is great to ask for for Christmas as it is quite pricey but it is really good quality. This is a limited edition palette and I think all of the colours in this palette are so beautiful and would allow you to create lots of different looks and you could do day time and night time looks too.

5) Benefit Cutie Cravings £29.50 (Debenhams exclusive)

I love Benefit and I would say its one of my favourite beauty brands. I think they're packaging is always really cute and they're products do what they say they will! So this is a really cute gift set, yet again lovely cute packaging and you get quite a lot for your money. You get a mini primer, a mini mascara and a mini lip gloss. You also get 4 eyeshadows, a bronzer, a mini bronzer brush and a sponge applicator. I think that's amazing for under £30! Also a lot of these products are Benefit's best sellers so you know the products you get will work :).

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have found any other gift sets that you think are great value or just look amazing :). I did want to include Mac in this but a lot of their holiday collection has sold out and I wanted to include things you could still get :).

Merry Christmas,
Lucy x  

Monday, 15 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 15 Top 5 Christmas Songs

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all enjoying the run up to Christmas, only 10 more days! 

As Christmas is getting closer there are more and more Christmas songs on the radio and I love singing along to them in the morning, gets me feeling all festive! 

So I thought I would share my top 5 Christmas songs with you that I like to sing along to.

1) Last Christmas by Wham

2) All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

3) Do They Know Its Christmas by Band Aid 2014

4) Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas by Frank Sinatra
5) Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

So these are my top 5 Christmas songs that get me all festive and in the mood for Christmas :). These are all probably so cliche but I do love them all :)!

Let me know your favourite Christmas songs :).

Merry Christmas,
Lucy x

Sunday, 14 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 14 Floppy Hat Style

Hi everyone,

Eeeee not long until Christmas now!!! I'm so excited and I'm loving doing Blogmad, not going to lie it is hard making the time to blog every day but I am loving it! 

So I've wanted a floppy hat for so long and today I finally got one. I never know if  hats suit me or not. I love this hat but I don't know if I suit it or not but I thought I would share it with you anyway :).

This hat was £28 from Topshop and its so big and feels quite good quality so I do think it's worth the price. 

I think I'm going to try out more hats and next I think a beanie or bobble hat as my head and ears get really cold on these winter mornings! Let me know if you like this hat and if you like floppy hats too :).

Merry Christmas,
Lucy x

Saturday, 13 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 13 Chain headbands

Chain headbands
Hi everyone, 

Hope your well and enjoying the run up to Christmas :). So another quick one tonight as I'm working 6 days in a row and I need my sleep haha!

So these chain headbands have been around a while now and were a big trend in summertime. I don't know if I could wear one as I have a fringe let me know if you think people with fringes can wear these haha :)! 

These are my 5 faves that were on Polyvore so I thought I would create a little mood bood :). The links for all of them are down below. They are all so beautiful! I especially love the silver one from etsy its so pretty :).

Merry Christmas,
Lucy x

Friday, 12 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 12 Wrapping Paper Ideas

Hi everyone,

Just a quick little post today as I should be getting to bed soon :)!

So I am one of those people who gets obsessed with making presents look amazingly wrapped and I always like to add ribbon and bows etc. I've told you before I love things that are packaged nicely!

So I noticed while looking online for some wrapping inspiration that Debenham's currently have a massive 50% off there wrapping paper packs! However they have got so many to chose from they are all so pretty! I narrowed it down to two packs that I love but I only want one as I like to use the same theme throughout all of my presents, a bit OCD I know! So anyways I thought I would share the two I love and that you would help me choose by leaving a comment below about what one you would pick out of the two :).

Number 1- Teal

Number 2- Purple

These packs are such a bargain as they are only £4.00 currently and they were £8! I'm such a bargain hunter haha :).

Let me know which one you would choose in the comments below and also let me know if you are a bit like me and like all your wrapping paper to be the same :).

Much love,
Lucy x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 11 My Top 5 Youtubers

Hi everyone,

So today has been my day off and I've had a really lazy day! My favourite thing to do on my days off is too catch up with all of the videos on YouTube from people I have subscribed to. I love YouTube and think it's such a great outlet for people to talk and interact with people around the world who have the same interests as they do. 
I've wanted to do YouTube for a while now but I'm still deciding whether to or not as I know I would enjoy doing it but I know there are negatives that go alongside it, like most things really such as hate comments etc. Anyways I'm rambling now and going off topic haha so I thought today I would share with you my top 5 favourite Youtubers. I am subscribed to a lot more but these are my ultimate favourites :)! They are not in a particular order haha!

1) Beautycrush

Sam is a UK YouTuber and she has videos on all sorts of things mainly beauty and fashion though. I like her because she seems very down to earth and really nice and friendly :).

2) InTheFROW

Victoria is another UK YouTuber and she mainly does fashion and beauty videos. I love how she styles thing and I also love her purple hair it's amazing.

3) Shaaanxo

Shannon is a YouTuber from New Zealand and I have to say if I had to pick a favourite it would probably be her. I love all her videos not only does she introduce lots of new products she also tells her viewers about her tricks and tips for putting on makeup. She does a range of videos such as hauls, first impressions and reviews.

4) Grav3yardgirl

Bunny is an American YouTuber and I think she's hilarious. I always watch her if I need cheering up. She's so funny and entertaining and down to earth. I would recommend her channel to anyone who likes to watch a variety of videos.

5) Batalash Beauty

Sam is a Canadian YouTuber  and her channel is a beauty channel and she comes up with some amazing looks along with different members of Batalash. I love Sam's attitude to YouTube and I like how she just says and does what she wants and is truly herself. I would recommend her second channel too, Chatalash!

So those are my top 5 Youtubers! I'm sure you've probably heard of some of them. Let me know who your favourite Youtubers are and if any of my favourite are yours :)!

Also if you have any tips for starting up on Youtube let me know in the comments below, as that might help me make my mind up! 

Much love,
Lucy x