Saturday, 6 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 6- Top 10 Gifts for Under £10 for Him

Hi everyone,

I nearly missed writing this post as I have just been asleep as I've been exhausted lately! Good thing I woke up haha! So this is the second part to the post I wrote yesterday. Yesterday's post was gifts for girls under £10 and today is gifts for boys under £10.

So if you're on a budget, need to buy for a secret Santa or need to buy some stocking fillers read on :).

1) Shot spinner drinking game £6 (ASOS)

I think this would be a good little gift for secret Santa or as a stocking filler for those who like to have a drink as I know some people don't! But it would be good to use before nights out or if he likes having/going to house parties. Just a fun little gift!

2) Casino set £8 (ASOS)

So I think these little games are great gifts as I think boys appreciate jokey kind of presents/ games. Like is says on the box it would be good for like a lads night in and might cure some boredom in the future! Plus it's better than going out and spending all your money gambling in a real casino :)!

3) Spider-Man Mug £6 (River Island)

For all those comic book lovers or 
Marvel's fans this would be a good gift for them! This one is a bargain for £6 and it's something they will use and can keep for quite a long time.

4) River Island Aqua Aftershave £10 (River Island)

This smells amazing! And for only £10! If you haven't smelt this I would recommend going and trying it as I think it's a really good gift if you're on a budget. River Island do quite a few different aftershaves for the same price so if you don't fancy this one I'm sure there will be one that you do like :). I also really like the packaging of this one!

5) Breaking Bad Calender £10 (Topman)

I know this has been really popular this last year so anyone who is a fan of this programme, this would be a great gift to give. Also they get to keep it for the full year and it's very practical!

6) Yo-Yo with Clutch £5 (Topman)

This would be an ideal gift for the youger  boys in your life or the ones that are young at heart! The packaging is quite cute and retro and is great for curing those times when there's nothing else to do! Plus you could also have a go aswell everyone loves a yo-yo! I know when I was younger that was a phase where everyone had a yo-yo and you were really cool if you had a one that would light up and you could do tricks with it haha!!

7) Nivea for Men Originals Regime Trio £10 (Boots)

This type of gift is a classic. It's a safe present but it's guaranteed to be used and it's something that boys get most years as a little stocking filler so you will know they will appreciate it. This set contains a face wash, a shaving gel and a moisturiser. I think Nivea is a really good skincare brand too so you know these will be good quality!

8) British Ale Selection £8 (Boots)

For those who are 18+ years old this would be a quirky little gift that has 4 different ales in that are not the most common if that makes sense :). They get to try something new and if you can't indulge at Christmas time when can you! 

9) A Game of Thrones £6.29 (Waterstones)

This is another tv series that has been popular this year especially with boys. This would be a great gift for anyone who is a fan of this series and likes reading. Books are usually more in depth so if they enjoy the tv series they more than likely will enjoy the book :).

10) Casio Retro Watch £6.99 (EBay)

You can find some real bargains on EBay and most things people put on there now are new with tags so you aren't buying second hand stuff as presents, not that there's anything wrong with that just I wouldn't do it. This is a bargain and everyone loves a Casio watch. It's a good brand and again will last quite a while :). Great for sporty types or those who like retro styling.

Phew..I found that soo much harder than the gift guide for girls. Don't get me wrong there's loads of gifts out there for boys but I didn't want to fill this gift guide full of novelty socks and underwear. I wanted to give you some different ideas, some for fun and others just nice little gifts. I hope this might have inspired you or given you some ideas if you are still Christmas shopping :).

Merry Christmas,
Lucy x