Sunday, 21 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 21 Hair Hacks by Cool Blades

Hi everyone,

So a few days ago I got an email directing me to this website called Cool Blades. This is a hair dressing supplier who sell to hair salons but I am guessing alongside that they upload little tips and tricks for those of us who aren't professionals (although even if you are a professional in hair it's always nice to learn some new tricks!)

In the email was a link to a photo list they had done called 20 Amazing Straightener Hacks for Styling Your Hair. Now I love doing my makeup but normally by the time I've finished doing that I sometimes cannot be bothered to spend loads of time on my hair so anything that makes it look nice quickly interests me haha. After having a look at this list I was definitely inspired to try some of the hacks out as they looked really good and the photos were really clear so you could understand what was happening in them.

I was going to try a few of these hacks out but after trying one, I did have to apply quite a lot of heat to my hair as it never likes to hold a style haha, so I decided I would only do one today as I didn't want to really damage my hair!

Saying that I was quite impressed with the hack I tried. The one I tried was to create loose waves in your hair. To do this you had to plait/braid your hair and then run the straighteners down the plaits/braids a few times and then take them out and you would have nice loose waves.

So I plaited my hair in two plaits on either side of my head. I would usually do this before bed if I wanted waves the next day. I then ran the straighteners down each braid 3/4 times and then I took them out. I have to be totally honest with you as I would never lie as I have said before, when I took them out there was very little wave in my hair. However, I think this is mainly because I did only run the straightener down my hair quite quickly and I did only do it 3/4 times. So second time lucky haha. I re-plaited (definitely not a word haha!) my hair and tried again- if you don't succeed, try and try again! This time I held the straighteners on to my hair for quite a few seconds and did this all the way down the plait. I then also ran it down it smoothly but applied quite a bit of pressure to it. I did this quite a few times to each plait and then I let them cool before taking them out. This also helped set the style. Like I said above though my hair is very fine and it doesn't really like holding styles and it takes a LOT of hairspray to keep my hair in place! However, when I took the plaits out this time there was definite waves in my hair! This is quite a quick way to get waves in your hair considering normally I would have to wait a whole night for waves to develop and its a good way to use your straighteners for a different style!

Please excuse my Bambi onesie in these photos haha! I've had such a lazy day today and did't want to get out of it haha!

                 Before                                                                         After

I would definitely recommend going and checking the photo list (I've linked it above) as there are some great ideas to style your hair using your straighteners and I will definitely be trying a few more of these out :).

Merry Christmas,
Lucy x