Thursday, 4 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 4- A day in the life of

Hi everyone :)

So I haven't done one of these posts before but I thought I would do one as in yesterday's tag there was a question about what I like to do on my Christmas break and I said on my days off I basically like to have a lazy day haha. Today was actually one of my days off this week so I thought I would share with you what I have done. Obviously this is different to the posts I usually do some of you may hate it but some of you might enjoy it :). 
So if you want to know what I've done with my day keep reading!

I basically had a really lazy morning and I stayed in my jarmies till about half 1 this afternoon haha but I really enjoyed relaxing and having some me time!

I then got ready and it was one of those really annoying days where you aren't really doing anything but your make up goes on nicer than usual! I tried a bit of a new look as I normally wear a cat eye every day, today I just put a bit of eyeliner on the outer corners of the top and bottom of my eye and then just put loads of mascara on. I also done a brown/nude lip using Bare Minerals Break Away and Mac's Myth lipstick. I love this combination!

I then had an appointment at 3 to get my legs and underarms waxed. I hadn't had this done before and I was sick of shaving like every other day! Does anyone else hate that? I have to say it was hard letting them grow in but I am sooo pleased with the results so I think I will be keeping it up. Surprisingly my legs hurt more than my underarms especially around the ankles! Worth the pain though :).

I then went home had some tea and then I've been busy tonight washing my hair and painting my nails. Now I know some people really enjoy doing these but they really bore me as I'm impatient and just want everything done quickly haha so although it sounds fun, it was just alright haha.

Now obviously I'm blogging and tonight I will be watching I'm A Celebrity which I'm sure a lot of you watch anyway but incase you don't it's a reality tv programme where a bunch of celebs go into the Australian jungle and have to do trials and challengs for a few weeks and then there's a winner which the public vote for. Have any of you been watching it? If so who do you want to win? I really like Mel and Tinchy so I would be happy if either of them won :).

So I hope you've enjoyed this unusual post and are enjoying my Blogmas posts so far! I would love if you could follow me on Bloglovin if so!

Merry Christmas,
Lucy x