Tuesday, 2 December 2014

BLOGMAS!!! Day 2

Hi everyone,

So I've decided to do Blogmas this year seeing as it's my first year blogging! I'm so excited to do this, really this post should have been yesterday but I did my #5 a day post yesterday and didn't want to overload the posting so I kept it until today :). Technically because I posted yesterday it still counts as one of my 25 Blogmas posts.
For Blogmas the challenge is to blog every day up until Christmas, I've got a feeling this will be trickier than it sounds but I'm excited to do this. I'm planning to do a few posts that are related to Chrostmas and maybe some won't be but I will try keep them as Christmassy (Definitely not a word) as possible :)!

So anyways lets get into this! 
I'm so excited for Christmas but it is true though that once you get older it isn't the same! 

I thought today I would do my top 5 things that I love about Christmas so keep reading if you want to know what they are :).

1) Spending time with family and friends
This may seem a bit cliche but it's true. I mean I love seeing my family and friends anyway but especially at Christmas time as there is all of the excitement and fun things to do especially like eating delicious foods, drinking cocktails and visiting Christmas markets. All make for great memories and I also love seeing their faces when I give them their presents, I love buying presents for others!

2) Christmas Films
I absolutely love Christmas films, there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, a blanket and a great Christmas film- oh god how old do I sound haha! So a few of my favourite Christmas films are Home Alone 1 and 2,
Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and The Polar Express. Also I'm loving Frozen at the minute although I suppose technically it might not be considered a Christmas film, Let it go is constantly stuck in my head!

3) Christmas Foods
Let's be honest who doesn't love a big  Christmas dinner or opening their advent calender on a morning! I know I do and yes I am 23 but I still have an advent calender (it's a Lindt one this year!) I love how you get too over indulge at Christmas time in all of the delicious foods and not feel guilty about it :)! A few favourites of mine are: pigs in blankets, Costa's Christmas menu, champagne, all desserts haha there's sooo many! What foods do you love at Christmas time?

4) Christmas Shopping
I've actually managed to do all of my Christmas shopping already which is soo unlike me, I've surprised myself! But I do love shopping for Christmas presents for my family and friends and I actually put a lot of thought into it as I love to see people's reactions to what I get them! It makes me feel sooo good and I love making people happy, does anyone else like shopping for others more than themselves haha?

5) Christmas decorations
This is a strange one but there is something about seeing Christmas decorations that makes me feel happy and puts me in a good mood. I don't know what it is abut them but it puts me in the festive spirit  when I see them all turned on. I also love putting decorations up ad I always decorate my room haha, I have a pink tree and tinsel all over :)!

So these are all the things I love about Christmas! Let me know what yours are in the comments below :).

Remember to come back tomorrow for my next Blogmas post!
Much love,
Lucy x