Monday, 1 December 2014

#5 a Day

So I recently did a post with Kirstie from Kimamely Beauty and when I was reading through her blog I came across this post called 5 a day.

This was post which Kirstie wrote about getting comments on her blog and how she doesn't get very many but she doesn't really leave comments on other blogs so for 30 days she was going to leave 5 comments on different blogs. When I read this I thought it was an amazing idea. 

I don't get loads of comments on my posts but when I do it sounds sad but it makes me really happy that people have actually taken the time to read it and leave a relevant comment. It makes it all worthwhile!

When I first started blogging I did it to fill up some spare time but I don't think you realise how much time it actually takes up and don't get me wrong I love doing it but when someone comments on your post it's nice that someone has taken the time to read it.

So obviously sometimes there are people who just write 'great post' and then put their blog URL and that's it. I was naive when I first started blogging and I thought that people who put this had actually read your post but really they probably haven't even read your post and it wasn't until I was reading another blog (I can't remember which one) where they pointed this out and said that if you comment you should comment something relevant. I totally agree with this as it's taken time for someone to write it so at least if you're not going to read it don't comment and then advertise your blog. Now I have to admit in the early stages I did write great post to a couple of blogs but I did actually read them but as I was quite new to blogging and still unsure of the 'etiquette' haha I didn't know the do's and don'ts but looking back now I would never leave that comment haha. Obviously it's great to leave your blog link I have nothing against that ( I love reading new blogs) but at least leave a relevant comment first :).
So I am going to take up this challenge for the month of December and I will comment of 5 different blogs a day and I WILL actually read the posts and make relevant comments haha!
I'll link Kirstie's post on this here and make sure you go check it out and give her a follow to :).
Much love,
Lucy x