Monday, 22 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 22 Simple Make up Wipes Review

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas. Tonight's post is just going to be a quick one as I only finished work at 10 so I'm shattered and need some sleep!

I know a lot of people aren't a fan of make up wipes and prefer using a cream cleanser type product instead. Personally I love make up wipes. I know that they aren't the best for your skin as they can tug but I just find them perfect at taking all of your make up off.

I often double cleanse so take my make up off with a wipe then go in with a cream cleanser after. But on nights like tonight where all I want to do is get my make up off and get into bed, I find a make up wipe is my best friend haha!

So my favourite brand of make up wipes at the minute are the Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes. I get these from Boots and they are £3.49 last time I checked which some people would say is a little bit pricey for wipes but they really do work! Also you get 25 wipes per packet. 

I have really sensitive skin and eyes and these wipes don't irritate either of them. They are so gently on your skin they are amazing. Even though they are so gentle though, they remove every single bit of make up. I find normally when something says gentle it doesn't take all of my make up off but these wipes do. I actually got a shock when I first used them as I was expecting my eyes to sting and half my make up left on my face but neither of these things happened :)!

So other great things about these wipes are they include vitamib B5 and vitamin E. They also don't include any alcohol or oil in them so they aren't greasy feeling at all and they don't use any artificial perfume or colour and they don't use any harsh chemicals.

I can't recommend these enough, if you are a fan of make up wipes I would suggest you try these ones out! (No I'm not sponsored to say this haha I just think they are that good!)

Let me know if you love or loathe make up wipes and if you have tried these before :).

Merry Christmas,