Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Favourites

Hi everyone,
I can't believe how fast November has went I will probably say that everytime I do one of these posts but this year is just going so fast! So I've only got a few favourites to share so if you want to find out what I've been loving this month keep reading :).


Missguided Leopard Print Ankle Boots

I had been looking at these for so long on the Missguided website and couldn't decide whether to get them or not. If you read my blog you're probably aware of my love for leopard print and I didn't have any boots like this. I recently went back on to the website and saw that the boots had went from £24.00 (I think) to £14.99 so I had to have them, such a bargain!

Topshop Ripped Joni Jeans

I've wanted some ripped jeans for so long but the only jeans u wear now are Joni jeans. If you haven't tried them I would definitely recommend they are super stretchy but aren't jeggings they look like jeans and are quite a bit thicker than jeggings. They are also high waisted which I really love as they don't fall down as much, they're amazing. Anyways when I saw that Topshop did a ripped black pair I had to get them. They're so comfy!


Beauty Blender

I have been loving this this month. I use it for my foundation and my concealer and it gives the most beautiful flawless finish. I've never really been a fan of sponges but this one is amazing. You use it damp and blend your foundation/concealer  in and it kind of gives a dewy finish which I'm not a massive fan of usually but it looks nice when using this and I always powder to set it and give me a matte finish.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

So I decided to give this a try out this month rather than my Mac powder and although it doesn't give the same coverage as the Mac one, it does set your foundation really nice, keep you matte for quite a long time and it's really affordable to. I still prefer the Mac one but this is still really good and I have been loving it this month.


L'Oreal Matte and Messy Shine-Free Salt Spray
Lately I've been wearing my hair either wavy or like straight is but messy if that makes sense. This spray is really great for adding texture to your hair and giving it that bed head kind of look but still looking nice and not too messy :).


American Horror Story

There are no words for this, I absolutely love it! I normally really don't like horror films/tv shows so I didn't think I would like this but there is something about it that makes me love it. There are 3 series, each one is a different story but still inudes some of the same actors. I have watched the first series which is about ghosts which was brilliant and I'm now wat hung the third series which is about witches and I'm only a few episodes in but I'm still liking it. I skipped the second one as apparently it's really gory and I dunno if I can deal with that yet one step at a time, I'm already out of my comfort zone haha!


If you read my blog you know I'm obsessed with Boots I love it so it's not necessarily that I'm only loving it this month I love it all year round! However, I started my Christmas shopping this month and Boots have had some amazing offers on I'm so impressed, every year they do great offers but I've also had special points offers come through the post as well so double bonus!

So not too many favourites this month but I thought I would still share them with you all :).
I think I may be doing a haul this week and a few other posts so keep coming back  (if you want to)!
Much love,
Lucy x