Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Hi guys, sorry about the delay on posting what I went as for Halloween this year but I decided to be lazy and have a relaxing day yesterday :).
So this is the look I went for this year-killer clown. This was based on Nicole Guirerro's clown she did on her YouTube channel (I'm sure you probably all know who she is, if you don't I would definitely watch her videos on YouTube she is one of my favourites.)
I have actually wanted to be a clown for a couple of years now but never had the right inspiration or idea but I absolutely loved this one.
So here is how I did this look and what I used.
1) I used the Snazaroo face paint palette and I used the white colour all over my face and I applied it with the sponge you get in the pack.
2) I then set my face using the Claire's white pressed face powder.
3) Using the BHCosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette I created a gradient of colours from my forehead down. So almost like a little rainbow so starting with 
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and finishing off with pink under my eyes. I used a big fluffy blending brush to apply this which I found perfect to blend the colours together and have no harsh lines.
4) I then used a light blue from the palette to create my circles on my cheeks. I just did this free hand and they came out alright just take your time to make sure they are even- as mine were not at first haha.

5) Using Mac's liquid liner I drew in really thin eyebrows above my normal brows and added a triangle to one and then underneath the other eye I added another triangle.  
6)I then used the red from the Snazaroo face paint kit and the brush that comes with it to draw on my nose. I also set it with red eyeshadow from the BH palette. Once I had done that I used my Mac liquid liner to outline it.

7) Then using a black Khol pencil I outlined my lips and extended each side slightly. I then added Mac's Ruby Woo to the inside of my lips. 

8) I then lined my upper lid with Mac's liquid liner and I added Tanya Burr's Girl's night out lashes (which I will be doing a review on this week!)

9) I then went and added a few highlights and details so I added a few white dots using the white face paint under my eyes and white highlights on my cheeks, nose and lips. I also added a black line using liquid liner on the upper section of each cheek circle to add some depth to it.

10) I then put my hair up in two little buns on either side of my head and sprayed my hair with coloured hairspray. This was just a white one first from Claire's and then a turquoise one. I now want turquoise hair haha!

11) I added fake blood to my hair line and my neck. This one was also from Claire's and although it was inexpensive it worked really well, wasn't too runny and you could build it quite well too. I think this completes the look!

I have to say that I am really proud of being able to recreate this look as I hadn't even practised it and I think I did an alright job! I'm sad Halloween has now been and gone but at least we all have Christmas to look forward to now. I have quite a few blog posts planned for this week so make sure you come back!
Also hope you had an amazing Halloween and let me know what you went as on Halloween!

Much love,
Lucy x