Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tanya Burr Lashes Review


I'm a big fan of Tanya Burr (she's a beauty guru on YouTube) and she has her own cosmetics line. Her line now includes lipgloss, nail varnish and lashes! One of my favourite beauty items are false lashes as I just think they make any look look even better if that makes sense!
So I was really excited when she announced she was adding lashes to her beauty line.
Now sometimes I can be a bit skeptical when it comes to 'celebrities' or famous people launching their own beauty lines or perfumes as some I have tried haven't been that great in the past but I still like to try them out and see what they are like. However, seeing as Tanya really knows her stuff about make up and beauty I assumed these lashes would be great!
She has came out with 6 different styles of lashes which you can buy from Superdrug or Feel Unique. They only set that don't appeal to me from this line are the individual lashes and that's not because they don't look good quality or anything like that but I prefer strip lashes than applying them one by one so I never buy individual lashes.
So when I saw them in Superdrug I had to at least have a look. They all look beautiful I have to say the packaging of them is really nice and there seems to be a style for whatever look you are wanting to create from very subtle to full on glamour. So I have to say just incase I didn't enjoy them I thought I would start off buying just one pair to try them out and also obviously let you all know my thoughts on them!
I chose the 'Girls night out' style as I wanted to wear them on my Halloween night out to give my eyes that something extra. 
One great thing about these lashes are how thin the lash band is. I really like that as I think it makes them a little bit more natural and it blends a bit better to your own lash line rather than having a thick black lash band across your eye so I was really impressed by that.
Now the second thing that I fell in love with about these lashes other than how amazing all of the different styles are, is that glue that comes with them. Now I know that might seem a bit strange but what good are having false lashes if they don't stay put. This glue is amazing! It is super strong and my lashes didn't budge all night. The glue also dried super fast which I was very impressed with too.
These are £5.49 in Superdrug which considering the quality of these lashes is quite good, I personally think. I've worn these once and they show no sign of wear at all so you definitely can use these quite a few times. Overall, I love these lashes and I will definitely be buying more, I want the 'Bambi' style next! 
If you have tried these lashes let me know your thoughts on them and what style you like :).
Much love,