Saturday, 29 November 2014

What's In My Bag Tag with Kirstie

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted this week as of yet, I have just been so busy at the moment but I promise I will be back on it next week.
Anyways, today I'm doing a collab post with Kirstie from Kimamely Beauty. I had put on Twitter if any beauty or fashion bloggers would fancy doing a collaboration post with me as I have never done one before and thought it would be something new for you to read and fun for me to do.

So we decided to do a What's In My Bag Tag as everyone loves those and we also added some questions in too, just to make it a bit more interesting :).

So I'll do the questions first and then tell you what else is in my bag!

1) What's the weirdest item in your bag?
So at the minute this is a tie between two things; a fork and an Olbus inhaler. So I better explain these haha so the fork was in there because when I go to work I don't like to use the communal cutlery I just have a thing about germs and other people using them so I just prefer to take my own. Then the inhaler is there because I often stay at my boyfriend's house so I take it incase I get a blocked nose when I am there as that is one of the most annoying things I think haha I need to breathe!!

2)What's the most expensive thing in your bag?
Probably my diary, this was actually a gift I got off some work friends so I don't know the price but it is from Paperchase and I know that their big diary's can be a bit pricey. Other than that it would be my make up bag but not the actual bag but the stuff inside it as I never sort it out so it is jammed with loads of things.

3)What item in you bag can you not leave the house without?
Probably my purse as you never know when you will need to buy something or need one of your cards especially if you are an impulse buyer like me!

4)What's your favourite thing in your bag at the minute?
This is probably always my make up bag as firstly, it's holographic and it's so pretty but I also have all of my current beauty favourites in it too.

5)If you could have any bag what bag would you choose?
It would definitely be a Michael Kors, this is probably so cliche, but I love the Large Selma Satchel. I love the fact that it's large as my bag is usually crammed full of weird and wonderful things haha and I think it is a classic shape too and would always be in fashion.

So both me and Kirstie came up with those questions so if you would like to read her answers click here and I think you should :)!

Here is what was in my bag!

My Diary

My Purse

My Makeup Bag

My Keys

Two Sets of Headphones (I have no idea why two)

My comb and Tangle Teezer

A Neurofen Melt (I don't like taking tablets I always think I am going to choke haha so I use these instead if I'm not feeling well)

Teeth Whitening Leaflets (I had to go to the dentist's for a check up and I have always wanted my teeth whitened so I asked about it and got some leaflets on it, I'm hopefully going to get booked up for it this month!)

Deodorant (as it's always nice to smell fresh)

Mini Gucci Intense  (I got a gucci mini perfume set last Christmas and this was in my bag as it was my favourite but I had forgotten about it so that's why there is still some left!)

A Fork

An Olbus Inhaler

A Hair Clip 

Also my bag is from BHS but I got it like a year ago. I normally go for black bags as they go with everything and I liked this one as it is sturdy and quite big so I can fit quite a bit in.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you would like to see Kirstie's postthe link is above, I really enjoy her blog I would definitely recommend checking it out! Also thank you to Kirstie for getting in touch to do this collab :).
Much love,

Lucy x