Friday, 14 November 2014

Mac False Lashes Mascara Review

Hi everyone :)
So a while ago I got an email from Mac saying that if I was one of the first 1500 to complete their survey I would get a free tester of their False Lashes Mascara. So of course I filled in their survey it was just about their products and customer service etc. and I totally forgot about it. Then the other day I got a black package in the post and I had no clue what was in it and then I saw the mascara! I had totally forgot about it haha. I have tried one of Mac's mascaras before and I have to say I was really disappointed with it. It was about two years ago and I cannot remember what one it was and I had asked for it for Christmas because I had read reviews on it and it seemed good and when I tried it I was really let down so I wanted to try this one to see if I liked this one or not. If did have really high hopes for this one I wanted huge voluminous lashes haha!
So I applied this to my lashes which had nothing on them at all and I didn't curl them either, mainly because I couldn't find my eyelash curler. 
So these are the before photos: 

So I would say my eyelashes are fairly long not massive but an okay length but when I use a mascara I want to create thickness mostly and just a little bit more length. 
These are the photos after using one coat of the mascara:

First of all yes my skin looks a different colour in the before and after photos in the before ones I don't have any makeup on at all and in the after I have foundation on and I think I was under a different light but that's not we are focusing on haha!
So as you can see the mascara does really open up my eyes. It does add length to my lashes and gives them a bit of thickness without being really clumpy. I do have to say I do actually quite like this mascara and will carry on using it while I can. I didn't apply a second coat as I wouldn't usually and I didn't want really cluny looking lashes.
However, I don't think it makes me look like I'm wearing false lashes like the name claims and I don't think I would pay the price for this mascara as personally I don't think it gives better results than say my Maybelline or Rimmel ones so I am on the fence slightly.
Overall, I do like the mascara but I don't think I will purchase it just because I don't see a massive difference in my lashes. I hate saying this because there are so many Mac products that I love! Can't love everything though!
Let me know if you have tried this product and what you think of it and also what is your favourite Mac product?
Much love,