Sunday, 16 November 2014

Topshop Wishlist 💜

Topshop Wishlist ?

Hi everyone,
Just a quick post today! Lately I have been loving Topshop's autumn/winter collection and I want soooo much! This is my favourite time of year I just love fashion at this time rather than summer haha! As you can tell I made this on polyvore and its my Topshop Wislist. It is very black, white and grey but those are the colours I wear. I don't often wear any colours but I do like tartan and leopard print! So I've included faux fur and leather as I love these textures and I really like mixing different textures together. I'm going to be saving my pennies together to start getting these pieces and hopefully I will have a haul soon with some of these in it (I hope :))!
Hope you've enjoyed this second mood board creation! Let me know what your favourite autumn/winter pieces are :).
Much love,

Topshop sweatshirt
$59 -

Topshop white blouse
$56 -

Topshop tunic
$44 -

Topshop sweater

Topshop vest

Topshop jacket

Topshop jacket
$120 -

Topshop pants

Topshop black jeans
$59 -