Monday, 10 November 2014

Beauty Blender Review

Hi everyone, so just a quick post tonight :).
So last month I saw an ad on facebook that offered a free Beauty Blender when you subscribed to Birchbox. I had wanted to try out a Beauty Blender for so long as there is so much hype about them so I was intrigued.
I thought it would come in the actual box so I was a little bit disappointed when I opened the box and it wasn't there! But I did get in contact with Birchbox and the lovely team got back to me so quickly and let me know that they were sending them out separately. Which when thinking about it that's actually a really good deal as not only are you getting a full birchbox but you're also getting a Beauty Blender and the cleanser too! 
I'm pretty sure I've seen an ad on Facebook offering the same offer this month so if you are interested maybe have a look around Facebook for that offer, I'm sure the code was bbnov but you would need to check :/.
I wasn't actually going to do a post on this so that's why it is dirty but after using this for the first time this morning I felt like I had too!
So when I recieved this it looked tiny so I thought it must be a smaller version but then when I added the water to it this morning it got massive! To the point where it won't even fit in the tub it came in haha so they do really expand when you add water to them, so that really impressed me. 
I've never really been one to apply my make up with sponges so I was apprehensive before trying this and the fact that it was wet, that also put me off haaha. Realistically though, it's not wet it's slightly damp when you use it otherwise then yes your makeup would just come off! So I used mine to apply my concealer under my eyes and brighten up that area. I use the Mac Prolongwear concealer and that is a very thick concealer so can easy look cakey if you apply too much. However, when I applied it this morning and I used the Beauty Blender to blend it out I was amazed! This tool is absolutely amazing. It blended the concealer perfectly, it didn't look cakey at all. The concealer looked great and my eyes looked so muh more awake and brighter aswell. This helped remove any product that would have made it look thick and cakey and applied it evenly. I actually think if you only ever invested in one brush or tool this would be one to consider. I love it! I now understand all of the hype and I can tell this is going to be one of my holy grail products! I now want to get another one to use to apply my foundation to see what finish it gives to my whole face!
Let me know if you have tried the Beauty Blender and what you think of it :).
Much love,