Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunday Funday

Sundays are usually a day where I will sit in the house in my jarmies all day with not a single piece of make up on, eat too much and have at least 2 naps. However, today we decided to go out for a Sunday dinner so I decided I would put a bit of effort into getting ready today. I thought I would do a slight bit of colour in my eye make up and nude lips.... nothing crazy it is a Sunday after all! 

So I decided on an orangey smokey eye as I really like the way orange eye make up looks on blue eyes, compliments them well. I also used a full coverage foundation to make my skin look flawless although some nasty little breakouts still did pop through. I always wear a full coverage foundation as I feel like that's what looks best on my face. Now I did take photos of all the products that I used but I do apologise for the state some of my make up is in,it's embarrassing! I probably don't take as much care of it as I should!

So for my foundation I used Nyx Stay Matte Not Flat foundation in Ivory. I absolutely love the brand Nyx and now that we can get it in a lot of Boots stores in the UK it's like my current favourite brand, I'm obsessed! I do really like this foundation I feel it offers a lot of coverage and does last a long time. The only con is I have went through two tubes of this and I am normally the shade Porcelain but when I went to get another tube that shade was all sold out so I had to get the shade Ivory which I feel is slightly too pale, even for me! However, with some bronzer it works.

I then used my favourite concealer, Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair. I got this after hearing Shaaanxo raving about it. It offers really good coverage whilst still being light enough to highlight under the eyes. You can tell this is well loved :).

To set everything I used the Nyx Contour palette. I got this for my birthday and literally I don't know how I survived without this. As you can tell some of the pans are going to need replacing soon, mostly the light shades but I can honestly say I love every colour in this palette. I think they are all great, nice and pigmented and make your skin look perfect. I also find that the contour colours aren't too dark for me which I have had issues with in the past. I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone! I set my undereyes, my face and did my bronzer and contour with this palette, so versatile!

For brows I used what I have used for the past year or so now which is Illamasqua's brow powder in Thunder. I mix this powder with a little bit of water as I think it makes the brows look much sharper and more defined. I don't really use the rest of the palette, I used to but not so much anymore.

For my eyes I mainly used most of the oranges in the 1st edition BH Cosmetics 120 palette. I absolutely love this palette for creating colourful make up looks. It's really affordable but you still get a really pigmented palette. I used most of the oranges in the crease and under eye area and blended well. I then used the gold shade "bubbly" from the Stila palette on the lid. I then finished off by adding black winged eyeliner, standard.

For highlighter I used a combination of Benefit's high beam and Make Up Academy's shimmer Highlighter.  I used both as I like the effect it gives super glowy, which I would have once not wanted any glow on my face, I was like matte all the way, however now, the more glowy the better! I also used the MUA shimmer highlighter on my brow bone and inner corner to brighten the eyes. Unfortunately, after doing my highlight I dropped the powder and it smashed, absolutely devastated! But I am looking for a good white based highlight, if anyone has any suggestions please leave below because I am lazy and can't be bothered to look for one! Possibly Becca may have one?! Let me know!

Finally to finish I used the Nyx Lip Lingerie in Lace Detail. Now I know liquid lipsticks are all the rage now and I absolutely love them, the thought of ever wearing anything else or a normal lipstick I just cannot see myself doing. I say that then I'll be rocking lip gloss in a years time!  But yeah I love the colour of this one its a lovely nude colour without looking like a foundation lip, not a good look but one everyone used to love! It's also not too drying and doesn't feel sticky.

I hope this has been helpful/interesting to read. I had fun creating this and was a nice way to start off my Sunday.

Lucy x