Thursday, 1 September 2016

Soft halo eye with bold lips

So as promised here is another make up look. Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of year although I love the sun and it makes me feel happy, I love the colours, make up and fashion for Autumn/ Winter. Bring on all of the lace, leather and vampy colours... I cannot wait!

This look is inspired by Autumn with warm shades on the eyes and a dark vampy red lip. So here is how I created this look...


Same as always Nyx stay matte but not flat foundation. This colour is too light for me but I just added bronzer on top.


Another oldie but a goodie- Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in the lightest shade. Used under the eyes to highlight and cover those dark circles.


My ride or die, Nyx highlight and contour palette. I really need to replace those lighter colours. I used the yellow under the eyes and middle two shades at the bottom to contour (after bronzing).


When I first got this Topshop bronzer I thought it was too dark but applied lightly you can really build the colour up nicely. I use this on the outside of my face just to add some colour so I don't look deathly pale. The shade of this is called Mohawk.


So I normally use a mixture of brands on the eyes but I used all shades from the Stila In the Light palette. I've never done a halo eye and I didn't set out to do this but half way through doing my make up I decided I was going to try! So I added the lightest shade, Bare to my whole lid to make sure it was an even colour all over. I then started the build up the colour in the crease with a Mac 217 brush (it's amazing) with the light brown shade called Bliss (its the middle shade on the top row). I just used windscreen wiper motions to blend that in the crease. I then went in with a pencil brush to build up colour Sandstone, the end colour on the top row. And I put this in the inner and outer corners of the lid. Once I did that, I just went back in with the Mac 217 to make sure they were blended properly and there were no harsh lines. I then added Bubbly, a really nice golden shade, the first one on the bottom row, to the centre of the lid. A super soft halo eye look- dead easy.


Same as usual, I used Illamasqua's brow powder in Thunder. Mix it with a bit of water and it is literally the best brow product I have ever tried!


MUA's Shimmer Highlighter in Iridescent Gold, it's still my favourite one that I own. I still think it is very gold toned, hence the name, which I am a bit unsure about but you do get a good glow with it!


Nyx again, I bet you are all sick of hearing about this brand haha! This is the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Cherry Skies. I don't find these drying at all or sticky which I actually prefer when they feel stuck on. This does come off quite easily but is a lovely dark color. I lined my lips using Mac's Currant lipliner. Love this colour slightly more purple than the liquid lipstick I used but you couldn't tell.

Hope you liked this look and I hope you enjoyed reading this and it was easy to follow! I'll be back soon until then I would love to know what your favourtie looks for Autumn are.

Lucy x