Monday, 17 August 2015

Long time... No blogging?

Hi lovelies,

So yes I've taken a little break from blogging lately not for any particular reason just my bad time keeping and organisation... or lack of! So I'm back and I've tried to work out a schedule which should allow me to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so let's see if I can stick to it! 

So much has happened since I last blogged like the Race for Life and I've been practically living at the gym haha but I'll save all of that stuff for Wednesday and ease back in with a nice little review :).

I'm pretty sure last year I did a review on the Beauty Blender and before that, I really didn't like using a sponge to apply my foundation but that one changed my opinion. I love my Beauty Blender, I think it applies foundation amazing and gives a great finish so much so that I never use a brush ever now. 

However, to be totally honest I really do need a new one now and although they are easy enough to order online I would prefer to just pick one up in a shop rather than wait for it to be delivered. I know it wouldn't take much longer, I'm just quite impatient! So anyways im rambling, last time I was in Boots I decided to pick up the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge and give it a try, it's also a good thing to make a post about...thinking ahead haha. So here's my thoughts on it :).

Like the Beauty Blender this grows when you dampen it. I dunno if it's because it's a different shape or because it's a different brand maybe, but this one felt a lot more firmer than the original Beauty Blender which at first I really didn't like. It didn't feel as soft on my skin or didn't blend out the foundation as easy. The more I'm using it though the softer it is becoming so I am liking it more.

Also as im a creature of habit it took me a while to get use to the different shape, I know that probably sounds ridiculous but I just wasn't comfortable using it at first haha. Again though the more I've used it the more I've gotten used to it!

One of the really good things about the Real Techniques sponge is that it has three different sides (I guess) that you can use. So it has the rounded edge like the Beauty Blender, it also has a tip again similar to the Beauty Blender but it also has a flat edge too. I would normally use the tip to blend out concealer as it's nice and precise but the flat edge does blend out concealer quite well too... Bonus! 

On the packaging it also states you can use this either wet or dry and I'm not sure if you can do that with the beauty blender... Maybe you can. I think this is a plus because some people might not want to use it damp and at least this way you get the best of both worlds. I haven't tried using it dry as I really like the finish it gives when it's damp. If you use it dry comment below let me know what it's like :).

Anyway to wrap this up I do really like both and I am currently using the Real 
Techniques sponge on a daily basis but if I'm being one million per cent honest I do prefer the Beauty Blender just a little bit more. Obviously, I did use that a lot longer so this might change in the future! If you are impatient like me though I would suggest picking up the Real Techniques sponge and trying it out as it does give a lovely finish to your foundation.

Let me know below which you prefer and why :).

I will deffos be back on Wednesday with another post (I've already started writing it, organised haha).

Until then,

Lucy x