Monday, 24 August 2015

PhD Diet Whey Review

Hi lovelies,

So as you all know as part of my plan to lose weight I've had to change my diet to include more protein. At first this was a real struggle for me as I'm not a massive meat eater, I've always ate meat but it isn't my favourite thing to eat! So one way I've managed to get more protein into me is by taking protein powder.

I've tried a couple of brands but by far I've found the best tasting/ nicest texture is the PhD Diet Whey. Some others I've tried have been really watery and bit-y if that makes sense but this one is quite thick like a milk shake, I've actually started enjoying them. Another reason I get this one is that it's low carbs and high protein. Exactly what I'm needing :). 

So the flavours I've tried are:
-chocolate peanut
-white chocolate
-chocolate orange

These are literally the easiest things to make. All you need is a shaker bottle, water and the powder itself. Another great thing about these protein powders is that you can mix them in with porridge and with yogurt. Also on the packaging it tells you all the measurements for making the shakes which I found so useful in the beginning (even though you can't go far wrong haha).

I will say the only con that I found was it was a bit hard getting used to the taste at first but that passed quick and like I said above I actually quite enjoy them now!

The way I mix mine is I use 300ml of water, a couple of ice cubes and 50g protein powder and then you shake it all up.

I hope this helps some of you or at least you found it interesting!

Lucy x