Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Weightloss Wednesday

Hi lovelies 

So haven't posted one of these for a while but it is still going! Last time I spoke to you I had joined a new gym but hadn't been to it yet and was thinking about getting a personal trainer.

So I have been and I love the gym, it's really modern and has quite a lot of space so no waiting around for machines- I can't fault it! I love it haha never thought I would say that about a gym.

I also did get a personal trainer and I would definitely say he has helped me and would recommend anyone who may be struggling to give a personal trainer a go.

So today I'm going to talk about my new diet. 

In the past I have tried eating healthier but not really understood what was in the food and probably making bad decisions. Now that I'm learning about foods and what's in them and seeing results I definitely believe that 70/30 rule. Basically to see results it's meant to be 70% diet and 30% exercise- yes I believe this is true haha!!!
So I'm on a high protein/high fat low carb diet. This was quite hard for me at first as I love carbs and you don't actually realise how much food has carbs in and the amount they have in. I feel like I'm getting re-educated with food but I'm loving it. I'm feeling better for it I have no bloating at all. Anyone who knows me will know I'm not the biggest meat eater but I have really been trying and increasing my meat intake to ensure I hit my protein goal for the day. But I have also been having protein shakes to help as well. This was a diet plan my personal trainer came up with for me and I feel like it is working. Not going to lie there are hard days when you're sitting with chicken and a salad and there are people sitting around with pasta or potatoes I do feel a bit jealous but then I try and think positively and think about what this food will help me achieve. I think positive thinking is definitely key. I am allowed one cheat day which I do look forward to but I don't binge- what would be the point after all that hard work!
So here are a few photos of my myfitnesspal logged meals to give you an idea of what I've been eating.

Hope you've enjoyed this post and maybe learnt something or been motivated!

Lucy x