Friday, 19 June 2015

Boohoo Wishlist

Hi lovelies

Hope you're all well. So as its only a week until pay day I find myself more and more online shopping or rather browsing haha. 

Lately I've been loving Boohoo's collection and I've made a Wishlist that I thought I would share with you. As you know I'm currently trying to lose weight and become healthier which I think is key no crash diets or anything happening (I'll update you on Wednesday!) So I don't know whether to buy them once I have been paid or wait a while as I want them to still fit after like a month or so!

So here are my top 4 (random right I should have just done 5 haha) Boohoo picks :)

I love this dress and I love the bell sleeves  on it- gives it a nice 70's vibe. It also comes in white and rust. I think I would personally get it in the rust colour.

Another dress with interesting sleeves. That again is the reason why I like this dress and I love the pattern- which is unlike me as I'm normally all in black haha!

Omg these shorts- amazing! I love the lace detailing and I think these would be perfect to dress up or dress down. They also look really comfy.

Last but not least this t-shirt dress. I think these are perfect for every day wear and easy to throw on and still look nice. I also like the fact it has drop arm holes (is that what it's called haha) it's just a nice little detail! Again this comes in more colours but I probably would get in black- surprise surprise!

So these are my top 4 picks from Boohoo at the moment. Let me know what you're loving from Boohoo and if you like any of my picks :).

Lucy x