Sunday, 14 June 2015

Catch up

Hi lovelies 

Sorry first of all, this was meant to be up yesterday but I fell asleep very early as I was shattered! 

I thought this post would just be a quick catch up post as to where I've been all week and not posting! I know I don't need to justify it but thought it would be a nice thing to share on a Sunday night... easy reading :).

So at the beginning of the week I actually went glamping. Now I've been camping before like at festivals which although I love festivals the actual camping part is not my favourite. I love my home comforts and not showering and sleeping in a confined space for like 5 nights is not ideal for me haha but I suppose the music makes up for it. Anyways glamping was really fun and you do get a lot more space and showers so I did enjoy it.

So that took up most of my week and then the rest of it has been spent working and training for the Race for Life. Today is the end of my second week training and although I can't see a massive improvement I am slowly but surely starting to get better. I have mixed my training up with some running on the treadmill but the majority is outdoors as I figured that's where I will be running. Like I said when I first announced this, I am not a natural runner, it was probably my least favourite thing to do ever haha but I am trying to think positively and have a positive outlook which is helping me to enjoy my runs... sort of haha I'm sure it will, just have to persevere! This week in my training I've been trying to work on my breathing so that im not panting like a dog haha. This is quite hard to do as I think that's why I normally don't like running as it's about trying to control your breathing and I'm currently not good at that haha but I do love a challenge!

Anyways that's been my week, hope you've all had a great week and I will speak to you soon! 

Lucy x