Friday, 12 June 2015

Primark Haul- June 2015

Hi lovelies,

Sorry it's been a quiet week blogging, I got back from glamping yesterday so haven't had a chance to post anything but seeing as I had a day off today, I thought it was the perfect opportunity! 

So I've been loving Primark lately and yet again, couldn't resist a few bargain buys! Has anyone else been loving Primark lately? I think their jewellery collection is amazing at the minute! Also, as I have joined a new gym I did treat myself to a couple of 'gym appropriate' products haha. I've seen so many reviews on their sportswear collection so I was a bit let down when I went into my local Primark and there wasn't much left and everything they did have that I liked wasn't in my size :( first world problems! I will just have to be quicker next time they release new sportswear as they did launch the new collection ages ago, so my own fault really!

So anyways here is what I bought this month....

I'm loving tops like this as the warmer weather starts and I absolutely love the colour of this one. This was such a bargain at £8 and is so comfy on.

I love jumpsuits for days when you just want to be comfy so I'm always looking out for other ones to add to my little collection. I really like how this one is cropped as I don't have any like that so when we have some hot days (hopefully soon) this will be perfect to wear. It's got a lovely pattern on, has an elasticated waist so gives you a nice silhouette and is super stretchy which makes it soooo comfy! This was a bargain at only £8 too!

Like I said I'm loving Primark's jewellery especially the chokers they have in. Out of silver and gold I'm definitely more a silver sort of girl so when I saw this and for only £5 I thought I would treat myself!

Yes another necklace- I definitely don't need anymore for a good while! Although I have just said that I prefer silver, when I seen this necklace I had to have it! For some strange reason I'm loving pineapples at the minute and so does everyone else seem to be, they're everywhere! For only £4 I thought this little beauty would add a fun element to any outfit.

Shoes are normally my thing that I love to buy and I probably have too many but I can't resist them! I haven't actually bought any sandals this year, well that's a lie I did buy a pair but they don't fit so that doesn't count haha. It's crazy but I've never had a tan pair of sandals!!! So when I saw these for only £12 I thought I should add them to my collection. I'm loving the fact they tie up and I can't wait to wear these out!

This was an impulse buy as I was waiting in the queue. I needed a water bottle for the gym and this does the trick! It did have one of those stick things in it that you can freeze to keep your water cold but I just took that out. Not much to say about this really.

I bought these sports socks for two reasons. First, because all of the socks I own at the minute I can only find one of, so I'm having to mix and match haha! And secondly because both of these packs have a cushion sole so I thought because I'm training for the Race for Life I'm doing a lot of running so I thought these would be good for that. In the first pack you do also get a grey pair which I have already worn and I would definitely recommend these- very comfy! Both packs cost £2 each- slightly weird seeing as 1 has 2 pairs and the other has 3 pairs in but whatever!


Finally I though this was a good buy as it's meant to be made out of the quick dry material and seeing as I sweat a LOT when I'm at the gym/out running I thought this would come in handy. I hope it works but for £5 you can't complain! 

So that was everything I got this month and I should probably stay away from Primark for a little while haha! 

Hope you've enjoyed this little post and I'll be back tomorrow with another one- promise! 

Lucy x