Tuesday, 2 June 2015

What I got for my birthday 2015

Hi lovelies

Hope you're all well. Sorry I didn't post last week just had a lot of stuff going on and at the beginning of the week it was my birthday!

Now that I'm officially 23 everytime I think about it all I think about is Blink 182's song 'What's my age again?' and the bit where the lyrics are 'nobody likes you when you're 23' haha. Makes me quite sad actually... I'm getting old!!!! 

Anyways one of the great things about your birthday is the pressies you get! So I thought I would show you some of the things that I got for my birthday. Now before I do, I just want to say I'm not doing this post to show off or brag about what I got, I know some people like posts like these and I know I do because I'm a little bit nosey!!! So here's what I got.....

H&M Bucket Bag

I asked my mam and dad for this because I needed a new bag (well needed might be a bit extreme haha!) It's just such a lovely shape and I like how you close it with a tie. I got this nude peachy colour as I always get black bags and just fancied something a little different.


Sorry I have no idea where this is from and I think it's a bit rude to ask! My brother got me this because he knows that I love me a statement necklace. This is beautiful and it's that nice gold that doesn't look cheap or brassy if that makes sense!

Jayda Ethic Necklace by Smashglam

I got this off my lovely boyfriend, I have to say I did ask for this. I had seen it on fellow blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson and I fell in love with the necklace. It's by an online company called Smashglam and all of their pieces are beautiful, I want them all haha! I would definitely recommend you checking them out though! I'll link their website here! 

MAC Amber x9 Palette

Another one from my boyfriend and yes I did give him a little hint about this palette! Since I have blue eyes I tend to wear a lot of ambers/coppers/orange eyeshadows to try and make them stand out a bit so when I saw this palette I thought it would be perfect! I am going to do a review on this palette either this week or next week, so keep an eye out for that but so far I'm loving it! 

Jimmy Choo Exotic Perfume

I've never had this Jimmy Choo perfume before only Flash but it smells lovely. It's very florally so if you like that in a perfume you should give it a try and I love the packaging- some things never change haha! 

Champneys Citrus Blush Mini Treatment Collection

I love this brand so when I opened this I was so excited! So in this you get the body scrub , shower gel, body lotion and a body polisher (that's what they call it I don't know if that's the actual name of those things I don't know what they're called haaha big sponge type thing :))! I can't wait to use this!

Benefit Do the Bright Thing

So as you can probably guess by the name this kit includes things that will give you brighter, glowy skin. I used to be all about that matte life but I have to say I am starting to like a little bit of dewyness, dunno what's got into me! So this is perfect for helping me achieve that effect. In this you get the That Gal Primer, High Beam, Dandelion blush and a little brush (it's so cute), a mini They're Real mascara and a mini Bad Gal eyeliner. I love Benefit's products, or at least the ones I have tried anyways, and I can't wait to try these! I will be doing a review on this too but I haven't tried it yet as I don't want to waste the products on just a normal boring day, does anyone else think like that about things?!

So I did get a few other bits and bobs like chocolate and wine but these were the main things. I'm very lucky to have such lovely family and friends that spoilt me and I had a lovely day with them.

I will be back this week so make sure you come back! I'll talk to you soon!

Lucy x