Wednesday, 27 August 2014

BareMinerals Kiss&Tell Lipstick Collection

I had never tried any products by bareMinerals so when I got this gift at Christmas I was excited to try them all out. You get 5 little mini lipsticks in this set with 3 neutral kind of shades and 2 which are a bit brighter but all still wearable for daytime or night time. On the bareMinerals website they describe these lipsticks as moisture loaded and I really agree. These lipsticks are sooo creamy, they all just glide on so smoothly and don't dry out during the day. Sometimes after wearing lipstick all day when I take it off, my lips can be a little bit chapped and dry but whenever I wear one of these ones my lips still feel soft if not softer than when I put the lipstick on. Also, all of the shades in this pack are so pigmented and not sheer at all which I love as I like opaque colours on my lips so that my natural lip colour doesn't show through.
Speak Your Mind 

Break Away

Get Ready

Go All Out

Be Bold

Out of all of these my favourites are Be Bold and Break Away. Be Bold is a really nice dark lip colour perfect for Autum/Winter and as you can see I've already used quite a lot of mine. I think Break Away is a great colour for just everyday and if you push it into your lips to make it more matte looking I think it's a good dupe for that Kylie Jenner lip colour that everyone is going crazy for at the moment. In the swatch I've done it looks a lot darker than it comes off on your lips in real life and I've been wearing this a lot recently and mixing it with Myth lipstick by Mac. This combination is just the perfect everyday lip colour- a mid tone nude, love it!
So you can't get this gift set currently, I'm not too sure if they might bring it back out at Christmas time but I have checked on the bareMinerals website and you can buy Speak Your Mind, Break Away and Get Ready in the full size tubes for £16. I think this is a really reasonable price for how luxurious they feel when on and the fact that they include vitamins A, C and E so are really good for your lips and are so moisturising. Unfortunately, you can't get Go All Out or Be Bold on the website but if you are looking for a nice neutral I would definitely recommend getting one of the other three.  

Also, before anyone points out I know my nails need done, they are really horrific at the moment but I am going to be trying a new nail salon and maybe get some nail art so I will be doing a review on them so keep an eye out for that :).
Let me know if you have tried any bareMinerals products and what you think of them. 
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