Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lazy Sunday- Reading and Outfit Planning

I dunno about you but I just love having a Sunday off. I don't really know why as it is now kind of seen like just any other day but I still feel like it's really lovely having a Sunday off. Normally I always have something planned or I'm recovering after a night out but this Sunday has been the best as I've had nothing planned and I had an early night last night too, so woke up feeling very refreshed. I haven't had a pyjama day in so long and so I thought it was about time. I realise this is not a usual post for me but I've had a lovely lazy Sunday so I thought I would share. 
So I absolutely love reading and I have done since being young as cheesy as it sounds I like how you can get totally lost in a story. My favourite book of all time is Christmas at Tiffanys by Karen Swan. If you like romance novels I would definitely recommend this. I love fiction novels that include romance and are light hearted nothing too serious as we all have serious things to deal with day to day so it's nice to escape that for a little while. At the moment I'm reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, I've had this book for a while now and I'm only half way through! I wish I had more time to read but at least I managed to get some done today :). I'm a bit confused with the story in this book at the moment but I'm sure it will all make sense the more I read it. I'm really enjoying it so far though. 

Another thing I've done today was plan my outfit for tomorrow. I'm at work tomorrow so have to be up early and I would rather have longer in bed so what I've started doing is planning my outfit the night before. As I've mentioned before my favourite colour is black so in my outfits you will probably see at least one black item haha. My outfit tomorrow includes mainly black oops :). So I've paired a motel open shoulder black dress with a Topshop black duster jacket and added a statement necklace from
Freedom at Topshop. To complete the look I've added floral Dr. Martens. I love the material of the motel dress it's very soft like a chiffon type of material so it lies really nice when on. I also love how this has cut out shoulders makes it more interesting than just a plain black dress. I love Motel and I'm always checking their website for new items I'm currently in love with their navy velvet baby doll dress it's beautiful!
Duster jackets seem to be getting popular for Autumn/Winter and so I thought I would invest in this black one from Topshop as I think it will go with a lot.... I think I want the white one too haha. I love big chunky necklaces and I think this necklace adds interest to the outfit and brings it together. Now I know Dr. Martens won't be everyone's cup of tea but I love my three pairs that I own. These floral ones are my oldest ones and I got them for my 17th birthday which was 5 years ago! I actually like them more now than I did back then. I think they look much better now they are more worn. I've heard a lot of people say they get blisters when they are breaking their new Dr. Martens in but I've never had any problems with mine- always been super comfy. They are quite expensive but they last sooo long, they are more of an investment, I think so anyways.
 Motel dress:
Topshop duster:
Sorry I can't find the Dr. Martens or the necklace on line so I will link similar items.
Floral Dr. Martens:
Statement necklaces:
So apart from reading and planning my outfit the only other thing I've done is work on my blog. I'm not technically savvy (I always think that's a funny term no idea why :)) so it's probably took longer than it should but at least I've done it- I added some social media buttons and some pages. So if you would like to follow me on any social media sites you can just click on the buttons and it'll take you to my page,  simple :). I've also been working on a few future blog posts as I'm hoping to post every day or at least every other day so keep an eye out :).
I've also spent quality time with my family which I love doing and because we all work and go to school we don't get to do it as much as we like but it's really nice when we are all off together 💕.
Much love, 
Lucy x