Sunday, 17 August 2014

Top 5 Heels

Seeing as I hadn't done a fashion post on here yet I thought I probably should do and as I love heels I thought this would be a fun one to do. Now I know my favourite heels that I own won't be to everyone's taste but I love them. As you can see 4 out of 5 of them are black. Black is my favourite colour and I know somebody is probably thinking black isn't a colour but we constantly refer to it as a colour so it's my favourite colour :). These heels aren't heels that I would wear every day as some of these are really high but I do wear these on nights out and other special occasions.

#5 Nude Court Shoes
Now these are a pair of heels I think every girl should own. These are classics and nude goes with a lot of different outfits. I love how these are patent and the heel on these isn't too high. I bought these from ASOS and I only paid £25 for these which I think is really reasonable. These heels are quite special to me as I wore these on my 21st birthday to a family meal. I wouldn't wear these on a night out as they probably would get ruined but I would wear them to meals and occasions like weddings. The only downside to these are that they are quite narrow and I have wide feet so initially these were quite uncomfortable. However if you don't have wide feet you won't have this issue.
 Find them here:

#4 Seduce Heels
As soon as I saw these shoes I knew I had to had them. I kept putting off getting them and then they went into the sale and they were such a bargain, I couldn't resist. These beauties are from Topshop and some people probably hate them but to me they are perfect. One of my friends call them my Marilyn Manson shoes which I find quite funny but I feel like they suit my personal style :). I have only worn these once but I did find them quite comfortable and quite easy to walk and dance in. Because these heels have a big platform and have laces they feel quite secure on my feet and don't seem as high as they look. Definitely a good buy! These are no longer available on the Topshop website but you can find them on EBay.
Find them here:

#3 Extreme Platforms
These shoes are just amazing! I love them! I love the cleated heel, I love how high they are and I love how you can remove the ankle strap or keep it on. I personally like to keep it on as I think it makes these shoes easier to walk in. These shoes are a cheap alternative to the Stella McCartney cleated sole shoes. I got these from garage shoes which sell some amazing shoes for really reasonable prices. I think I only paid £40 for these! The only bad thing about these was after a night out I woke up with a horrendous blister on my foot....not nice! But because they are so beautiful it was so worth it haha. These are sold in quite a few different places but they are no longer available on the garage shoes website. However an identical pair are available from Missguided. I would definitely recommend these.
Find them here:

#2 Cleated Soles

These heels are beautiful! Very similar to the last pair so people could argue why do you need such a similar pair but to me these are so different! These were actually a birthday present off my boyfriend although I did choose them, I was so grateful he got them for me. I wore these on my 22nd birthday night out and although I did last all night in these, the ball of my foot literally felt like it was going to burst into flames by the end of the night. I got so many compliments in these shoes though so in my opinion 100% worth the pain and for the first few hours these were so comfortable. So if you get these maybe only wear them for 3/4 hours for the first time if you don't wear heels all of the time. Also because the heel is so high they make your legs look sooo long- always a bonus! These were also from garage shoes and I think these were around £40. I couldn't find these on the garage shoes website anymore but there were many similar ones from various different websites.
Find them here:

#1 Spiked Litas
❤️ Absolute favourite heels of all time! I feel as though there was a phase last year or maybe the year before when these first came out and everyone owned them. These are the only pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I own but I would definitely consider getting more. These were pretty expensive for a pair of heels but I have gotten so much wear out of these and they are so amazing I definitely think they were worth it. These are quite high but because they are a boot you feel so secure in these. You can definitely tell these are high quality. I love wearing these and can't see that changing anytime soon. I love the spikes on the heel but can hurt your hands when trying to get them off your feet! These are the most comfortable out of all of these heels and probably are the ones I can wear for the longest. I originally got these from the Urban Outfitters site but they no longer stock them on there but I did find a website that still stocked them, I'll list it below :). 
Find them here:

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you an insight to the type of shoes I like and what my personal shoe style is. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post and will do more fashion related posts soon. Let me know if you have or like any of these heels and what your favourite heels are. 
Much love,
Lucy x