Monday, 25 August 2014

Summertime Sadness

So summertime is nearly over, it feels like it's well and truly over in Newcastle. The weather has been awful lately really cold and wet- I've even had to get my winter coat out! Now I know that I get cold easily but having to get a winter coat out in August is just a whole new level of bizarre. So anyways off on a tangent there but the thing I will miss most about summertime is being able to wear sunglasses. I absolutely love wearing sunglasses, as a child I always wanted to wear glasses and have braces (two things I never had) weird I know! But sunglasses are the next best thing. So
I thought I would share my favourite sunglasses with you.

Primark Round Sunglasses 

Leopard print is my favourite print ever so when I saw these sunglasses I had to have them. These were an absolute bargain too, I think they were only £2! And you get a free fabric case to keep them in. Primark do some amazing sunglasses and if you're anything like me and clumsy there is no point spending a fortune on sunglasses because you'll either lose them or break them.  I've loved all of the round sunglasses that have been popular this year and I love how thick the frames are on these ones. LaModa also do some amazing ones too for really reasonable prices! 

Topshop Cateye Sunglasses
These are my go to sunglasses at the moment when we actually experience sun up here. I love the Cateye shape of these, I've never had this shape before and I would definitely buy more in this shape. I got these from Topshop for £16 and I got these from the Oxford Circus branch when I went to London to see Black Sabbath at Hyde Park earlier this year. I had forgotten to take sunglasses and it was such a lovely day, any excuse to make a purchase ;). Although these exact ones aren't on Topshop's website anymore they have loads of cateye styles still on there.

Topshop Tortoise Shell Sunglasses  
These sunglasses have to be the ones I've ever owned for longer than a year. I got these I think 2 years ago from
Topshop and they are so durable it's unbelievable. I've dropped them, dropped stuff on to them, threw them (by accident) and they still haven't broke- not that I'm complaining. I really love the shape of these ones and think that they suit my face shape which is always a bonus. I can't remember how much these were but most of Topshop sunglasses seem to be £16 so I would have thought around that price point. Topshop don't have these stocked on their website but many places do similar styles- primark did a really good dupe of these. So if you like these, definitely have a check in Primark. I also love the tortoise shell effect these have as they aren't as harsh as black and I like how the sides are really thick and gold, just makes them a bit more interesting.

So although I'm sad to see summer going as I won't get to wear these for quite a while I do love Autumn/Winter fashion and I prefer it to Spring/Summer. I can't wait to start layering and getting some thick knits :). What do you prefer Spring/Summer fashion or Autumn/Winter? Let me know in the comments :).
Much love,
Lucy x