Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Top 5 Mac Lipsticks

These are my current 5 favourite Mac lipsticks and I wear one of these everyday at the minute. Now rather than say I love this one and this is another one that I love I thought I would do a top 5 countdown and write what I love about each one and things that I might not love as much just to give you a little bit of info on each one :). 

I absolutely love the way red lipstick looks but I've always struggled to find my perfect red. That was until I found Ruby Woo. This is the perfect true red for me. Because I am so pale and more cool toned I do not suit orange based reds and a lot of the reds I had previously tried looked awful on me. Ruby Woo isn't orange based and I think because it is a true red I suit it more than any other I have tried. I love how pigmented it is and I love that it is a matte finish as that tends to be my favourite kind of finish for lip products. The only thing that I would change about this lipstick is how matte it is. Now I know that sounds crazy considering that I have just said that I love matte lipsticks but Ruby Woo is matte to the point where it is hard to apply it. And because it is sooo matte it also means it's quite drying on the lips and can leave them quite chapped after a full day of wearing it. Apart from that though it is an absolute beautiful lipstick and my number 5.

This lipstick was part of the Kelly Osbourne collection and was the only lipstick from this collection that I was able to get my hands on. I am soooo glad I managed to get this one though because the colour is so flattering on and is very wearable for being a light purple. I am quite confident in wearing bright and unusual lip colours but if your someone who isn't I would totally recommend starting with this one as it is so wearable. It has got blue undertones to it so really suits those with cool undertones in their skin tone. The formula of this one is also matte but is no where near as matte as Ruby Woo. This glides on your lips and leaves them with a nice matte finish that I don't find drying on my lips. I've worn it for a full day and when I took it off, my lips weren't chapped at all. Love this one and if you can get a hold of it I would definitely say get it!

This has been my favourite nude lipstick for at least 4 years now. Because I am so pale I found it very hard to find a nude that wasn't too brown, too pink or too orange. I literally thought I would never find my perfect nude and then I stumbled across Myth. At first glance it did look a bit too orange but I had read a few reviews on it and thought I may aswell try it. Once on I understood all of the hype about this lipstick. It is the perfect nude and is my go to everyday lipstick. The finish of this lipstick is a satin and it does leave a nice sheen to the lips but doesn't look overly shiny which I do enjoy. This lipstick glides on nicely and is so creamy. I have went through so many tubes of this. I don't have a bad thing to say about my number 3 and would recommend anyone to try this who would like to find a good nude lipstick, I even got my mam loving this one.

This lipstick though! It is the most perfect pink I LOVE it. This has blue undertones in it so is perfect for those with cool undertones in their skin which is why I think this suits me. Even though it does have blue undertones I do think this colour would suit many different skin tones and still look fabulous. This is an amplified formula and is very bright once on so maybe not for those who don't like bright coloured lipsticks. However I love it ! The only thing I find with this one is that I have to reapply it quite often but because I love the colour I don't mind doing so.

Love Love Love!!! This colour is the most perfect purple and is so wearable I absolutely love it. This was a birthday present off my boyfriend and is my favourite lipstick ever. The photos don't really do it much justice and it is much brighter than it looks in the tube. This is a matte formula but still glides on nicely and lasts all day long. I have nothing at all bad to say about this one. I am so glad Mac brought this lipstick back out as it was unavailable for a while. I love bright lipsticks and I think this is one of the best and is my current favourite. I am constantly trying to wear outfits that go with this lipstick because I love wearing it. Perfection!

So that's my top 5 Mac lipsticks. Now I realise Mac is expensive but I do believe their lipsticks are worth the price. Each of these probably do have dupes so if anyone knows some good dupes for these lipsticks please share! I got a few
of these from the back to Mac programme which is where you take 6 empty Mac containers back to your nearest counter and swap them for a lipstick of your choice. I think this is an amazing idea and love when I have 6 empties that I can swap!
Much love,
Lucy x