Sunday, 10 May 2015

Acrylic VS Gel

Hi everyone,

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I love fake nails.... I always post when I have got a new set on! This obsession has been ongoing for about 2 years now. I know a lot of people say that fake nails ruin your own natural nails but that doesn't really bother me as my nails have never been strong ever even before having false nails. Also another thing that annoys me about my natural nails is before I would have fake nails I would spend so long painting a base coat then 2 coats of colour and then a top coat, let it dry then an hour later my nails would chip! Nothing more annoying haha!!

So that's my reasoning for having fake nails. So over the last 2 years I started with gel nails with extentions but I have went over to the dark side and now I get acrylic with extentions. So I feel like I have enough info about this to let you know the pros and cons of each different type if any of you are debating about what type to get.

-Do not "ruin" your natural nails as much as acrylics do
-Last for up to 3 weeks although I did use to get about 4 weeks as I would put a clear coat on them each week to make them last longer
- The colour does not chip at all 

-They don't last as long as acrylics in my experience anyway
-Snap a lot easier than acrylics
-Can't change the colour yourself, you can paint over the gel but can make your nails look "thick" and a bit untidy

-Last a very long time I sometimes can get 5 weeks out of my set if I am lucky!
- Can change the colour yourself just make sure you use an acetone free nail varnish remover as if you don't the acetone can ruin them and affect the longevity of them
- The colour doesn't chip as easily as it does on your own natural nail

-There has been a few times when I have caught my nail and nearly pulled it off and the pain is excruciating it hurts with gel nails to but I don't think as much
-Can ruin your natural nail, mine aren't strong anyways but they are really bad now but that doesn't really bother me

Over Christmas I did have a break from fake nails and although it did save me money I hated how my nails looked and how easily they would chip. So last month I got my beloved acrylics back on! Yesterday I got a fresh set on and it is a lovely feeling. I don't really struggle with mine and I do have them longish but typing this is a but harder with them on hahaha!

I hope this post has helped anyone who is thinking about getting fake nails and for any of you around the North East I go to Glam n Glory Nail Bar in Newcastle and I couldn't recommend them enough. It's only £22 for a full set of acrylics with a normal colour painted on (by this I mean not a gel colour as you can have both acrylic and gel). They also have a loyalty card, which I do have, I think it was £8 for a year but it means you get  a full set of acrylics for only £18! Bargain!

Let me know what you prefer acrylic or gel? Or natural?

Much love,

Lucy x