Sunday, 3 May 2015

I'm back!!!

Hello again,

Long time no blogging! First of all I will try and explain why I haven't blogged at all this year so far but really there are no real excuses except just life! I have been quite busy just in life in general and didn't make any time for blogging and I didn't just want to write posts just for the sake of writing them as I feel there would be no point in that or any enjoyment.

Lately I have been missing blogging and reading a lot of blogs and wishing I still used mine.  So I've re-motivated myself and I will aim to blog 2-3 times per week as long as the enjoyment is still there which I am sure it will be!

So I thought this first post back would be a make up related one as we all know that is a passion of mine so I thought I would talk about the Stila In The Light Palette. This was actually a Christmas present and I was meant to blog about this in January, better late than never!

This palette is absolutely beautiful! You get 10 eyeshadows and an eye liner. The shadows are a mixture of matte and shimmery but when I have used them I have not experienced any fallout which is amazing. The main reason I had asked for this palette as I had heard people rave about Stila and how good quality their shadows were so I was so excited to use this. I have got to say I have not been disappointed by it and it is one of my favourite palettes that I own.

The colours are all quite neutral but include a mixture of light and dark colours which allow you to create both day time and night time looks- very versatile! In this palette you also got a little booklet which showed you different looks you could achieve and how to achieve them but mine is definitely lost somewhere! Never finding that, once I've lost something it is well and truly gone, I have no idea what I do with things half the time haha.

The quality of these eyeshadows is excellent, they are all really pigmented, they glide on and blend out really easily, would definitely recommend! I mainly use this palette for day time looks but because there are darker shades in there you could definitely do a nice dark smokey eye which would look amazing on a night out.

Anyways... here are the swatches!

I feel like the swatches really do not do this palette justice, they go on so pigmented on your eye and the lighting isn't great, I'm trying to work with it haha! The swatches on the left are the top row from left to right, except the very first shadow as it is the exact same colour as my skin so it did not show sorry! The swatches on the right are the bottom row, again left to right. The eyeliner is just a very dark brown shade almost a black. It too glides on easy but is a nightmare to get off which is a good thing as you want it too last! If you are in Boots any time soon I would go and have a look at it, it is amazing!

Anyways that is all from me today! I will deffos be back this week I promise so please come back :). Let me know if you have this palette and what your thoughts on it are. Or what other Stila products you would recommend. Until next time.

Much love,

Lucy x