Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Weightloss Wednesdays

Hi everyone,

So I've decided to start this weekly post as I am on a journey of weightloss. Before my blogging break, should we call it, I spoke about getting healthy but then Christmas happened. But the strangest thing was I didn't even put much weight on over Christmas it was more in January and February! Personally I think this is because I comfort eat and I always have done. So when it's horrible and cold outside I just want to eat ALL of the food haha. 

It was only when I stepped on the scales in March that I realised that something drastic needed to be done. Over, we will say, the Christmas period and January and February I have put on 2 stone! I am disgusted in myself.

Now I'm not wanting to fat shame or skinny shame that's not what these posts will be about. It's more my personal journey in losing that 2 stone  and I'm determined. I did try and start in March but I wouldn't say I was trying 100% one reason being Easter and all of the eggs haha! But now I'm so determined, one reason is my holiday in September and I deffo wouldn't feel comfortable in a bikini at the moment!

I have joined a gym and I'm aiming to go 3/4 times per week and along with healthy eating I'm hoping that I'll start seeing results! I have been getting into High Intensity Interval Training which is meant to do wonders for you but I'll save that for another post!

Hope you've enjoyed reading this and if you have any weightloss tops or tricks leave them below :).
I'll be back soon,

Much love,

Lucy x