Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Weightloss Wednesdays Week 2

Hi everyone,

So this is a bit of a late post totally lost track of time today! 

This week I've been to the gym yesterday for 2 hours and today for 1 hour and then  tomorrow I'm going on the HIT machine.

So high intensity interval training is obviously a big thing in fitness at the moment and tomorrow I'm going to be doing that with a machine. Basically you do exercises with the machine for 30 seconds and then you get a 10 second rest and you do this for 30 minutes. I have to say I've used this machine 3 times now and I literally have never sweat so much in my life before. When you see others use it, it looks sooo easy but to do it yourself takes quite a lot of effort. The faster you do the exercises the more resistance the machine adds so you have to work harder.

While on the machine you wear a strap that measures your heart rate and it gives a percentage of what activity stage you are at. Basically you aim to get 90% or above and this then means you are working in an anaerobic level which is meant to be great for fat burning and really good for your heart. This is what you aim for but if you can't get there you aim to stay in 80% to 90% range and that's when you are at an aerobic level.

This machine is great to introduce you to HIIT training as you work at your own level and pace with a personal trainer, who makes sure the exercises you do on the machine you can do and aren't too hard for you. 

I feel like you could get really good results with this as in one half an hour session I burnt 379 calories and that was in my first ever session I did! So tomorrow will be the 4th time I've used it and I'm really excited :). Afterwards you get no muscle soreness and I feel like it does increase your energy levels. The only thing is I've never really heard or seen these machines before though which is a shame as I think a lot of people would be interested in them. They are extremely hard work but if you want results, you have to put the effort in! 

The makers of these do have a website (sorry this isn't linked I'm using the blogger app tonight and I don't think it allows you to do that but you can copy and paste if you want to check it out :)).

Let me know if you have used this machine before and what your thoughts on it were :).

Much love,

Lucy x