Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Weightloss Wednesday 3

Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all well :). So I feel a bit guilty writing this as I haven't been to the gym tonight but, I am there first thing in the morning to make up for it! 

I am starting to feel like this whole gym and healthy eating is starting to work as I managed to get some trousers on the other day that I had sadly outgrew but I can now get them on, yay!!!!

So last week I talked about HIIT training so I thought I would continue with the theme and talk about the benefits of this type of training! 

5 Benefits of HIIT Training

1) You burn A LOT of fat
You tend to burn more calories when doing HIIT but you also end up burning more calories in the 24-48 hours after, as your body's repair cycle goes into hyperdrive as a result of the intense activity you do in a HIIT workout.

2) It is really good for your heart
As I said in my post about HIIT you aim to get into the anaerobic zone which is when you feel like you cannot breathe and are sweating a lot- not a pretty sight but who cares as you're working hard! Anyways, it's great for your heart as 'it helps your heart becoming stronger through creating ventricular remodelling, promoting faster cardio output.'

3) Increases your metabolism
So this kind of links to number one but HIIT workouts help speed up your metabolism ( which I definitely need as mine is slower than slow haha) which in turn helps you keep burning calories even after the workout!

4) It's quick!
If you are anything like me then you will hate spending hours in the gym but with a HIIT workout you are only working out for 20-30 minutes, which is nothing really and you get quicker results than you do spending hours at the gym!

5) You can do it anywhere
I know I use the HIT machine to do my HIIT workout which are only in some gyms, but there are hundreds of HIIT workouts that you can do anywhere and don't require any equipment. Just google it and you will get loads of variations so you don't need any fancy equipment to do this type of training... so no excuses!

There is obviously more benefits but these are my top 5, the ones that I think are the best benefits :). I'm not going to lie, HIIT training is intense and can be quite hard going but for 20-30 minutes I feel like it's sooo worth it! 

Give it a try and let me know what you think :). Or if you already do it, what are your thoughts on it?

Much love, 
Lucy x