Sunday, 5 October 2014

Halloween Look 1- Broken Ventriloquist Doll

So this was my Halloween look last year. It took me ages to decide what I wanted to do and I looked all over YouTube and Google images for ideas. I had seen people do a similar look to this on YouTube and I really liked it. I know some people won't like this look as it is scary but after all it is Halloween your meant to be scary! So below I've done a step by step guide of how I created this look so if you want to find out, keep reading :).
1) So at the time that I did this I was using Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 as my base. I really liked this foundation as it is full coverage and I think because I was going for a porcelain doll effect I needed this.

2) I then powdered my face using Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC15 as this added even more coverage and kept me nice and matte.

3) I then moved on to the eyes as I didn't use blush as that's where I had planned to do the cracked effect. To do this I used the palette. I bought this from Xtras in Newcastle. This was such a cheap palette but the colour payoff is great. You can't really see my eyeshadow on this photo but I did a bright pink smokey eye which I really loved doing! This is one reason why I love Halloween as you get to try looks you would never try at any other time. 

4) I then lined my eyelid with Mac's Liquid Liner in boot black. I then created a thick white line with Maybelline's Expression Kajal Liner under my eyes to make them look much bigger and rounder. Under the white like I lined it with black to give the impression that the white line was part of my normal eye.

5) I then stuck false lashes on my top lashes. I used really big false lashes to help create a doll effect and then on the lower black line I put smaller but still big lashes on which I think really finishes off the eye look! I always use Eyelure lashes so these are the ones I used for too and bottoms lashes.

6) I then moved onto finishing the face off. To create the cracks I used Mac's Liquid Liner to outline them and create fine lines and then to fill it in I used Bourjois' Black Khol Liner. I only did 2 cracks as I didn't want to over do it haha.

7) Because I had done bright pink smokey eyes I wanted to do a bright pink lip so I used Candy Yum Yum by Mac to create this lip. I actually liked this lip more with this make up than when I wear my normal make up haha.

8) To finish off the look and make me look like a ventriloquist doll I used my Mac Liner to create the two lines down the side of the mouth and under my chin. I made them quite thick so that they were noticeable.

9) I then put my hair in bunches and back combed both sides so they looked really messy and tatty. If you do this be warned it takes so long the next day to get the tats out which is also quite painful :).  I used bobbles with bows on which I actually got from Matalan for like a pound each. I didn't actually buy these for this look I just loved these bobbles so they came in handy. I don't think Matalan will still have these but you could probably find dupes on EBay I would imagine.

10) I wore this chiffon dress from TFNC which I think definitely set the look off. This had lace cap sleeves and is really floaty and lovely. I'm really sad that I don't have this anymore as it shrunk in the wash, this was one of my favourite dresses!

I hope you enjoyed reading how I created this look! If you know what your dressing up for Halloween I would love to know! Also if you would like me to recreate any Halloween looks let me know and I'll try my best to do so. I think I will do another couple of Halloween posts because I love doing these! 
Much love,
Lucy x