Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lipstick Addict Tag!

So I decided to do the Lip Addict tag as lip products are my favourite. I know you are supposed to be nominated to do this but I don't really see why that matters and I thought it would be fun to do!
  1. Favourite balm/treatment?

    I would have to say the EOS lemon lip balm. Not only does it smell amazing, it is also not greasy and is very lightweight as that is one thing that can annoy me about lip balms when they are all greasy and sticky. It's also so easy to apply you don't have to stick your fingers in it. I put it on every night before bed and every morning I wake up with soft lips!

  2. Best eye-catching red?

    I love Mac's Ruby Woo. I have tried so many reds and I could never find my perfect one until I found this one. It's a really true red with blue undertones and it is a matte which I love. However, this one is so matte it can be a bit difficult getting it on your lips but if you put a lip balm under it then it glides on nicely.

  3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

    I don't know if you would class Mac as luxury but I would as ther lipsticks are quite expensive but I do love them! All the ones I have tried have been so pigmented and felt nice once on, Mac is definitely my fave! Best drugstore I would probably say Barry M. I have tried a few Barry M lipsticks and they have all been very nice and pigmented and they aren't expensive either.

  4. Best MAC lipstick?

    This is a really difficult one as I love all of the ones I have got. Oh I don't know what one to choose.....I'm going to say Saint Germain. It's just the most perfect pink and looks good with most make up looks too.

  5. The most disappointing?

    I would have to say Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic. I thought with this being a stain it would be really pigmented and it looks really red in the tube. Once it's on the lips though it is really sheer and it looks a totally different colour so I was quite disappointed with this one.

  6. Liner - yes or no? (What brands if yes)

    It would use to be a no but these days I love liner! I think it's because you can enhance your lips, you can change the shape and it stops lipstick from bleeding. I've only tried a few brands when it comes to lip liners but I would say my favourite would be Mac haha but I really want to try a few Nyx ones, as they are meant to be really good too.

  7. Best gloss?

    I am not really a gloss fan, I do prefer matte lips and also a lot of glosses make my lips feel disgusting and I know a lot of people can put up with that feeling but I can not haha. I did use to love Mac's C-Thru lipglass on top of their Myth Lipstick it created the perfect nude lip. 

  8. Something extra! (Honourable Mention)

    I would have to say Topshop do amazing lipsticks and I don't think too many people have tried them. I know people would say maybe I am biased because I work there but I wouldn't lie and just say I like them, what would be the point of that I don't get anything for saying I like them :). I just think that they have an amazing colour selection and that they are all really pigmented. I would say my favourite is Depth. It's such a lovely dark purple lipstick, if you like dark lip colours I would definitely suggest this one!

    I nominate anyone who wants to do this tag to do it!

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this and let me know what your favourite lip product is!

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    Much love,

    Lucy x