Thursday, 23 October 2014

NEBlogger Awards

So last night me and my friend went to the first ever North East Blogger Awards. Both of us had never been to anything like this before so I thought it would be something fun to do. It was also a great chance to meet some fellow North East bloggers and find out about different types of blogs to add to my reading list!
So this event was held at Lane 7 in Newcastle and I was very impressed at the layout and decor as I hadn't been before, it was really lovely inside.
When we went inside we got a free drink which I thought was really nice of them to offer and since I was driving I had a rose lemonade but it was still really nice! Throughout the night we were offered food and there was a bar so you could buy drinks and since Lane 7 is a bowling alley there were two lanes open so if you fancied having a go, you could. I was overwhelmed by how many people turned up and I think it was a great turn out for them! 
Everyone seemed really friendly and it was a great night to find out about other bloggers and have fun :).
Well done to all the winners and as we left everyone received a goody bag so I thought I would share what was inside my goody bag! I think most of the items in the goody bag were donated by the sponsers of the night.

I thought I would also include a picture of how I did my hair and make up for last nights event!

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you came to the event hope you had a great time too!
I was maybe thinking of doing a weekly YouTube video to go alongside my blog but still undecided if you think it would be good idea let me know below or if you have any advise for starting out on YouTube I would love to know!
Much love,
Lucy x