Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween Look 3- Sugar Skull

So when I sat down earlier on I was still deciding what look I should do next and the only two I have out up so far are more scary than some people may like so I though I would do a sugar skull as this look is a bit less scary and you can make it quite girly.

I have done a sugar skull for Halloween before but it was quite a few years ago so I did look around on google images for some inspiration and ideas but I knew I wanted a pastel blue look as that's ones of my favourite colours.

So this look is quite fiddly to do and you need a still hand but I did find that doing your markingswith a white Khol pencil first helps as it's easier to correct than if you go straight in with a black.

So I didn't use that many products to make this look. I used Snazaroo face paints, white pressed powder, white khol pencil, black eyeliner, BH Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette, a cheap palette with glitter shadows (unsure of the brand), nail art gems, mascara and eyelash glue.

So this is just my interpretation of a  Sugar skull/ day of the dead skull. If you wanted to do this then you could change the colours if you wanted to or the whole look! It's up to you! But if you want to know how I created mine keep reading :).

1) Using the white Snazaroo face paint cover your entire face and neck with this until you are completely white.

2) Set your face paint using a white pressed powder to make sure it stays put and doesn't slide around your face.

3) Draw two circles aroundyour eyes using the white pencil and then use a wet brush to apply the clue glittery colour to the inner parts of the circle.

4) Add a slightly darker blue colour to the edges to create some depth and then using a black eyeliner go around the edge of each circle. Do this a couple of times to ensure the line is really black.

5) Then go around each of the circles and create petals around the edges, again do this a couple of times to make sure they look black.

6) Use a really thin brush and a blue shadow or face paint put a dot in each of the petals.

7) With the black eyeliner colour in your lips so that they are full black and create two lines from the corner of your mouth. Then put vertical lines over your lips and lines to create the effect of teeth.

8) Again with the black eyeliner draw a tear drop shape on your nose and colour the full shape in black.

9) Apply some mascara and and line your inner waterline with black liner.

10) Using the white pencil outline a flower shape on your chin. I created one with three petals. Once you are happy with the shape colour it in using the same blue colour you used for your eyes and outline it with the black liner. At the top of each petal add a nail gem using eyelash glue.

11) Using the white pencil draw another tear shape in the centre of your forehead and add some swirls to either side of it. Once you are happy with it colour the tear in with the same blue colour and the outline it and the swirls with the black liner. Add a nail art gem to the top of the tear shape and at the edge of each swirl.

12) Contour your cheeks and forehead with a dark grey colour. Then the look is all done! 

I would have liked to add a lot more gems and glitter to this look but I thought I knew where mine was but I couldn't find it. These are really easy to recreate they just take practise!
Out of the Halloween looks I have created what one have you liked the most? Or what would you like me to try next? I'm so excited Halloween is less than a week away!!!

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Much love,
Lucy x