Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A La Carte Smudge Proof Eyebrow Definer

  So I got this product in my August edition Love ME Beauty box and I said I would keep you updated on   how it works and if the colour was the right shade for me and so on. I was initially worried about receiving
this shade as it is in the shade Blonde and as you can tell my hair is naturally a very dark brown. When I   swatched it I was quite surprised as it was darker than I thought it would be so I thought I would give this a try.

I normally use Rimmel's eyebrow pencil which I love but I did want to try this out because not only is it smudge proof, it's also more like a felt tip and I have never used an eyebrow product like this before. When I was trying it out because the tip is so fine you can fill in your eyebrows very precisely and it also gives the impression of fine hairs rather than you have clearly drawn your eyebrows on.
As you can tell I have quite thick eyebrows that is my personal preference and although they are quite full I feel like there are some areas that are quite sparse and I like the way they look filled in and with a bit more of a defined shape. This pen makes them look quite natural and I think this shade actually looks alright on my eyebrows.
-Right eyebrow without any product.

                          Left eyebrow without any product-

- Left eyebrow with the eyebrow definer

                       Right eyebrow with eyebrow definer-

-Both eyebrows with the eyebrow definer

I have worn it twice now and every time I've worn it I like it more. I feel that because it is quite light and fine it's hard to make any mistakes which is a bonus. The formula of this is very wet which I like as it makes it not look chalky and it also makes your eyebrow hairs stick down to the skin so they aren't popping up all over. If you are someone who likes to carve out your eyebrows and give them a definite shape I would definitely recommend this product. It is very easy to shape your eyebrows using this as the tip is so fine and unlike a pencil it stays like this. The thing that annoys about eyebrow pencils is that they go blunt very quickly whereas with this product the tip will always stay that shape. This product is £23 to buy. I think that is quite expensive for a brow product but I do really like the way it looks and I think it is one of the best brow products I've tried especially because once its on it doesn't move. Sometimes when wearing a pencil I always worry that if I accidentally rub my face my eyebrow will rub off whereas I don't have that worry when I wear this one. I was having a look on the Boots website (my favourite shop haha) and I only found one brow product that was more of a pen style rather than a pencil or powder style so if you didn't want to splash out on A La Carte's Eyebrow Definer you could try Colorsports's alternative, I'll link it below for you.
Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Let me know if you have tried this product and what your thoughts are on it. Also if thick brows aren't your thing but you like to fill them in this would still be a great produt to try, I just prefer thicker eyebrows- each to their own :).
Much love
Lucy x