Monday, 1 September 2014

Simple Eye Make-up Corrector Pen

I dunno about all of you but whenever I do my makeup there is nearly always something that I wish I could change without taking all of my make up off, whether it be changing my eyeliner flick or taking off some mascara that has gotten on to my eyelid.
So I saw an advert on this product about a year or so ago and really wanted to try it but forgot all about it. Then when I was browsing in Boots the other day I came across it and it had to go in my basket :). 

One of the best things about this product is how small the tip is as it allows you to remove any mistakes no matter how big or small. It is also really easy to clean and feels quite refreshing on your skin. Also, as I've already said I do have quite sensitive skin and this hasn't irritated my skin at all. I always find that products from the Simple range tend to work with my skin quite well.

So to show you how amazing this product is I thought I would do a little demo :). When putting your make up on especially if your in a rush, there is nothing worse than making a mistake with your eyeliner or mascara and you end up with a black mark on your face- I know this has happened to me loads over the years and it's so annoying. So I put mascara under my eye and let it dry. I put quite a big mark to show you how good this pen removes it. I then held the pen upside down for 10-15 seconds like it advises to do so and then started to remove the mark.
As you can see from the photo above it does take your foundation off as well but I think that's worth it as you can just put it back on. Because the tip is so precise it allows you to take the mark off and not ruin the rest of your make up. I think this is definitely a staple product and has definitely gained a space in my make up bag :)! It is so easy to clean, I dunno why but I didn't think you would have to clean it glad I read the back! I just cleaned the tip with a make up wipe and it was pretty much as good as new.

This is a photo of my make up once I had touched up the foundation and you can't even tell I had mascara on my face five minutes ago!
I'm super impressed with this product and I think anyone who wears eyeliner/mascara should try this, as we all make mistakes now and again :). This is also really affordable at only £4.99 from Boots- bargain! 
Let me know if you've tried this and what your opinions are.
Much love,
Lucy x