Monday, 15 September 2014

Topshop The Face- The Airbrush Primer and The Colour Correcting Primer

Back again :) and today I'm talking about Topshop's new primers which are available from this Thursday! They are releasing two different primers: The Airbrush Primer and The Colour Correcting Primer. So I absolutely love the packaging of these, I think it's so sleek looking and simple which I really like. I also think these are quite a reasonable size for the price- both of these are £12.

The Airbush Primer £12 

So this primer is specifically for those wanting to erase pores and hide any blemishes you have. It also includes photo reflecting particles which adds a glow to your skin- this is great if you like to have a dewy finish to your make up. However, even though I love the feeling of this on my face I like to look matte but that is easily sorted by adding some powder. I have to say this makes your face super smooth. It feels lovely and light on your skin, it doesn't feel greasy at all and absorbs into your skin very quickly. This one has no colour to it so won't help with any discolouration but I have to say it definitely helped with hiding my pores and the texture of my skin.

These are photos before the primer and after the primer with a bb cream on too. I definitely think this primer does what it says it will and you can see my spot is definitely a lot less noticeable- this was a good time to try these as I was having multiple breakouts... yay! I really do like this primer the only thing that is a con for me is the dewy effect but like I said you can easily add powder to counteract that. Definitely worth £12!

The Colour Correcting Primer £12

First of all I have to say I absolutely love this primer! I have said before I didn't used to understand all of the hype about primers but this one is amazing. If you are like me and have quite a lot of redness in your skin this totally hides any redness you may have. I haven't tried a primer like this before and I was a bit skeptical but this is my new favourite product. It also mattifies your skin and you know me - I'm all about the matte look. I totally could tell the difference in the finish of the two primers. I tried it before I read the box and I could tell my skin looked super matte once it had absorbed into my skin, so I checked the box and it did say it had mattifying properties and you can definitely tell.

Again these are photos without the primer and then with the primer with a bb cream on top. You can see it has taken the redness out of my cheeks and around the breakouts I had. So like The Airbrush Primer this one absorbs really easily, is not greasy feeling and is very light weight. 

Overall, I have to say I am very impressed with both of these primers. They both do what they promise to do and they both go a long way. It only took a little bit of each product to cover my whole face. Personally, I prefer The Colour Correcting Primer just because I like a matte finish. If you are a bit skeptical about primers or haven't found one that works for you I would definitely suggest trying one of these depending on the finish you like. They are both extremely good and actually work! 
Hope you have enjoyed this post, remember you can get your hands on these on Thursday 18th September! Also I will be writing my thoughts and opinions on The Foundation tomorrow so come back to find out about that! 
Much love,
Lucy x