Friday, 19 September 2014

Face Mask Friday- No7 Energising Mask

So here it is again Face Mask Friday! I'm on a roll at the moment with posting :). So this week I decided to review this mask that I got in a set at Christmas time. I totally forgot that I had it and was tidying up and came across it. I haven't used it before so I was excited to try this.
This mask is another peel off mask and is meant to give you radiant skin once you have used it. It's for all skin types and you know how problematic my skin can be but No7 has never broken me out before so I was fairly confident when using this that my skin wouldn't break out tomorrow.

So this is my skin with the mask on. As you can see I have a few blemishes but overall not too bad. So as you can see the mask is clear once on. It's quite thick when putting it on but I think because of that it's easy to spread evenly across your face. You also don't need lots of product as a little bit of this goes a long way. This mask is the quickest mask I have used, your only meant to keep this on for 10 minutes. I have to say compared to the Superdrug peel off face mask, this one didn't dry so tightly if that makes sense. With the other one I didn't feel like I could move my face once it was dry but with this one at 10 minutes I felt like I still had quite a lot of movement in my face.

So after 10 minutes it was time to peel this off. This mask was initially so hard to try and peel off, especially compared to the Superdrug one. It took me a while to try and find where to peel it off and then when I did start peeling it off, it didn't all peel off together it came off in lots of different pieces. So initially I was quite disappointed with this because with the Superdrug peel off mask although it didn't peel off all in one go, it didn't take as many attempts as this one. However, once taking it off I have to say I'm pretty amazed with the results. First of all my skin feels super soft now, probably the softest it's felt after any mask I've tried! Also, I noticed once I had taken it off, my pores looked super clean and unclogged. This product isn't meant to unclog pores but it definitely unclogged mine! My little blemishes that I had definitely seemed less red to me so hopefully will be gone or at least smaller in the morning. I can't say I see any added radiance but my skin is definitely better now than before I had the mask on! For how soft my skin feels, I will be definitely using this mask again!

So you can buy the No7 range in Boots and this mask is £12.50 to buy the normal size product. I don't think that is too bad considering how good your skin feels and looks once using this so maybe if you fancy pampering yourself you should try this mask! Also you can use it once or twice a week so I definitely think you would get your money's worth out of this as a little goes a long way.
So I'm probably only going to do another month of these reviews so another 3 masks after this one. So if there are any masks that you would like me to review please let me know in the comments and I'll get back to you. Also if you have tried this mask let me know your thoughts on it :).
Much love, 
Lucy x