Monday, 15 September 2014

Topshop The Face- The Foundation

So Topshop has gotten it right again! Another product that looks high end. Unbelievably this foundation is only £16! I know that is a bit more than some more common 'drugstore' foundations but I think the packaging alone is worth it. It is in a glass bottle which I always prefer rather than plastic it just feels nicer haha! Also it doesn't have a pump like most foundations, it has a pipette which makes it really unique as I have never seen a foundation that has this before but it is quite a good idea for saving product and not wasting it.
Now obviously with me having super pale skin this foundation is way to dark for me but I still wanted to review for you so you knew a little bit about it and what it's like before buying it :). So I really like the idea of the pipette it allows you to get out as little or as much product as you like without wasting product, so that's a bonus! With this foundation a little goes a long way, it is really easy to blend out and has a satin finish I would say. It doesn't have any particular scent which I don't mind as long as something doesn't have a horrible smell I'm not too bothered by it not having any scent. I would say this foundation would give medium to full coverage and you could definitely build it up to full coverage if you want a flawless look. I would definitely say that this was a light weight foundation, it didn't feel sticky or thick on my hand so I'm guessing it won't feel that way on your face. It does contain silicone in it which does help your face feel more smooth and help with that flawless finish.

Overall, I think this is definitely a great foundation to try if you like medium-full coverage. It comes in five different shades and has properties in it that help it match the tone in your skin. I will definitely be buying my shade in this! So if your interested in buying this remember that it comes out on Thursday- only 2 days left to wait!
Much love,
Lucy x