Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Differin Gel

So this is a slightly different post as this isn't a product you can buy, you can only get it on prescription but it has helped my skin 100%.
About a year ago I really started getting into skincare and wanted to start a skin regime. I did have combination skin, my t-zone was oily but the rest of my face was normal but quite sensitive too. The main thing that bothered me was I always seemed to have at least one breakout on my chin. It was normally only one or two big spots and they would come and go then another one would pop up, it was a bit of a nightmare! So I decided to try a range of products that were for oily, problematic skin. I'm not going to name the brand as I don't like putting negative reviews out there as skincare is such a personal thing so even though it definitely did not work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. So I thought these products would solve all of my skincare issues and my skin would be lovely. However, my skin didn't get better and seemed to be getting worse. I thought that maybe it would be a phase and after using it for a week or so it would get better..... It really did not. It went from having one or two spots on my chin to having a whole family on there, my skin was horrendous! You can see from the pictures below how bad it got.

Now I know compared to some people that this is not bad but for someone who only ever got one or two spots this was pretty bad. 
Obviously I stopped using the products I was using and I went to the doctors because nothing seemed to be clearing these spots up. The doctor prescribed me Differin gel and I was to use it twice a day. I was skeptical but was willing to give it a go. I got this prescribed but I did pay for it and I believe it was around £7-£8. The main ingredient in this is adapelene and it is used to treat 'topical acne'. 
So this is my second tube and I have to say it has worked wonders. It did take a few weeks but it cleared up all of the spots on my chin. After my first tube my skin looked so much better so when I got my second tube I reduced how many times I applied it so now I only apply it once a day and my skin is still looking good. Another good thing about this product is that it lasts so long and you only need to use a little bit each night. 

I would definitely say if you are having problems with your skin and nothing is clearing it up to ask your doctor about this. Obviously don't if you have only tried one thing and it's broken you out, after I tried the products that really broke my skin out I then went on to try other products and nothing cleared up my skin so I then went to the doctors. Thankfully I now use products that haven't broken me out along with my Differin gel. However, I do need to say I still do get the occasional spot now and again but nothing compared to how my skin was.
Hope this post has been quite informative and if any of you have used this gel what are your thoughts on it? Also of you want any more info on it feel free to leave a comment and I will try and answer it the best I can :).
Much love,
Lucy x