Friday, 5 September 2014

Face Mask Friday- Superdrug's Refreshing Face Mask

 Hi back again :) sorry it's been a couple of days since I last posted just been super busy, I'll try not to let it happen again! So it's Friday and I have another face mask to try. This one is from Superdrug and they actually had an offer on their own brand face masks (buy one get the second one half price) and I love a bargain so I got a couple to try over the next few weeks. I thought I would try this one first as I haven't reviewed this type of mask- this one is a peel off mask. So the idea is once it's dry you can just peel it off your skin. This was really affordable, it was only £2.59! 

This mask is for all skin types so I'm hoping I won't break out, as my skin seems to like doing that! It contains cucumber extract and is meant to give you a fresh, vibrant complexion. One downside to this which may only be a downside to me is it doesn't give you a time limit to keep it on until it just says when it's dry but I like to know a rough estimate haha. 

So as you can see my skin isn't actually too bad this week, a couple of little spots but nothing horrendous yay! This mask is very different to the ones I've talked about on here. It's clear so I haven't put a picture with it on as you can't tell it's actually on. It also comes out very thick and sticky and I personally feel like it's quite hard to apply especially when it's meant to be an even thin layer. It has a slight cooling effect when you first put it on and I think that may have something to do with the cucumber extract. It is similar to last week's mask as it does harden as your wearing it and makes it a bit difficult to do facial expressions, but I like that feeling, makes me feel like it's working!  I kept this on for 10 minutes as it was completely dry then. 
So I have to say I LOVE this mask! It's so much fun. I know this isn't normally how you would describe a face mask but it is. A few years back I tried a peel off mask (I can't remember what brand it was) but it didn't even peel off so I didn't have high hopes for this but it definitely does what it says and I had loads of fun peeling it off (weird I know :)). I have to say I think this mask does work and it did make my skin look better than it did. When I was peeling it off you could see that it had pulled make up out of my skin and I had cleansed it all off so it must go deep into your skin which I was impressed with. It also looked like it had made my pores look smaller.

I will definitely be using this mask again and for the price it is well worth it. I've never tried anything from Superdrug's own brand and I have to say I'm impressed!
Let me know if you've tried this mask and what you thought :). Also, if there is a mask you would like me to try let me know in the comments.
Much love, 
Lucy x