Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Glossybox September Issue

So not only have I subscribed to the Love ME Beauty box but I also signed up to Glossybox. This one is the same price as the Love ME Beauty box, £10, and you get 5/6 beauty products.
I was so excited when this got delivered. This was packaged so beautifully as you can see and I was so surprised at the quality of the packaging as well considering it was only £10! So in this box you get a couple of information letters, some just telling you about Glossybox and there is also one telling you about all the products you get in your box.
So the products I received in this box were: ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel, L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil, SkinPep  Enzyme and Acid Peel and Peeling Gel, SkinPep Dark circle Eraser, Nails Inc Westminister Bridge Matte Top Coat and GOSH Cosmetics Silky Cream Blusher. I was quite excited when I saw what I had got because I had never tried any of these products before and most of the brands I hadn't tried before- that's one of the main reasons why I love getting these boxes as you end up trying brands and products that you may never have tried otherwise :).

So this was one of the full size products I received in the box and instantly you feel as though you get your money's worth as this one product is more expensive than the whole box itself! I am so excited to use this- I have been wanting to try a brow gel for a while now but I have just been putting off buying one, I don't need to now though! This is meant to give the appearance of fuller and thicker brows and it obviously goes on wet but dries once on. It's also meant to be long lasting which I think all brow products should be, haha nobody wants their brows coming off half way through the day!

So this isn't a full size product but I still think you get a fair amount of this to try. This would normally cost £15.95 but obviously you would get more product than this for that price you can get it for cheaper at some other beauty sites such as feel unique which I have linked the title above to. I like using oils on my hair as I think if used right they can give your hair a really lovely shine. This is meant to be light weight and can be used on all hair types. The recommended way to use this they suggest is before drying your hair and to apply to the ends and not the roots. If you end up putting any sort of oil on your roots it ends up making your hair really greasy looking which isn't great.

So obviously this is just a sample size but I thought it was really nice that they give you two samples of this. I got a shock when I saw the price of this product when you buy it full size. I had never heard of this brand before but Glossybox describes it as 'Innovative skincare'. I'm really excited to use this as I'm into peeling products at the moment haha and this one has pineapple and papaya extracts in it so I'm guessing it will smell lovely and it is meant to gently exfoliate your skin making it softer and brighter. I'm thinking of maybe doing this for Face Mask Friday this week..... what do you think?

This is another high priced product but I think where skincare is concerned, if it works it's worth the money! At the moment I have started getting really dark under eyes and I don't really know what's causing it maybe lack of sleep although I normally get 7 hours ish, who knows. Anyway I'm hoping this will sort out my under eyes as it is meant to boost collagen under your eyes and it uses anti- oxidants to help it do this. I will definitely let you know how this fairs against my dark circles :).

Nails Inc Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat £12

This is another full sized product and I am so shocked that I received this as Nails Inc is such a popular brand! This is a matte topcoat so you can use it over any nail varnish to make it have a matte effect. I'm still quite new to the whole matte nail trend, I have tried matte nail products before but I am still getting used to it- sometimes I really like how it looks and other times I'm not as sure. I'm excited to use this though. It does say that this top coat gives you two different effects when used but it doesn't say what these two different effects are so I'm very intrigued.

GOSH Cosmetics Silky Cream Blusher £6.99

So this is yet another full sized product and GOSH is sold in Superdrug however I couldn't find this online. When I first saw this I was initially quite shocked at the colour. I thought straight away I will definitely not use this product as it looks bright orange- the name of this shade is Tropical Breeze. I haven't ever tried a cream blush before and the colour of this looked scary but I thought I would swatch this to see if it looked any different on skin. I am so glad that I swatched this and gave this a try because once it is on the skin it blends to a really nice colour that isn't too orange and is quite a natural colour. This feels really nice and smooth too, I am going to try this so I'm hoping that I can get it to look nice on my face.

I am really enjoying getting all of these new products in these boxes, I think they are such a good idea and the main thing I love is trying out all of the new brands. If any of you would like a more in depth review of any of these products let me know in the comments below and I will get that up for you :). Also if any of you have signed up to Glossybox what are your thoughts on it?
Much love,
Lucy x