Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Topshop The Face- The Concealer and The Concealer Palette

So this is my final post on my Topshop The Face collection! Remember it is out tomorrow! How exciting, I can't wait to do some shopping haha! So I was so excited when I saw The Concealer Palette as I think it's pretty unique, I can't think of a dupe or similar product as this and once again it's beautifully packaged. I wasn't as excited for The Concealer though just because I've never been wowed by a concealer before apart from Mac's Pro Longwear which I love.

The Concealer £10 
So for the price of this I definitely think you get quite a lot of product. I also like the fact that it is in a pump form as we all know I don't like to waste any product but I do wish it was in a glass bottle rather than plastic but that's not the end of the world haha. So I tried out the lightest shade which I actually thought was a pretty good match for my skin tone- sometimes being so pale it's hard to find a concealer that is light enough to highlight under your eyes but this one definitely does do that so I was very impressed. I found the consistency very similar to Mac's Pro Longwear and it was really easy to blend out. I have to say I love it and I don't often say that about concealers! It was quite lightweight but still had enough coverage to hide any dark circles and especially the dark parts of my inner eye (which mine are really dark so it did a great job). It did slightly settle into fine lines under my eyes as you can see in the picture below but I don't feel like it was very noticeable, I think the picture makes them look worse than they are haha. But you can see no trace of darkness around my eye! I definitely think this product is worth the money and I will definitely be purchasing a few of these because I found it so good. I found that it also covered blemishes well too so, double bonus!

The Concealer Palette £12

I have to say when I saw this palette I loved it! You know I love anything nicely packaged and for £12 I think it's an absolute bargain! This palette includes three shades so you can custom create the perfect shade of concealer for you. With me being so pale I couldn't use the two middle shades but I was more interested in using the yellow shade. It reminded me of the colour in the Anastasia Contour Palette although this one is a cream rather than a powder. Some people would think having a yellow shade is a bit bizarre but it's to help brighten the under eye area and I have to say this really did brighten my under eye area! The consistency was so creamy and felt really nice under my eye, wasn't too thick or cakey looking which is really important as no one wants that haha. The translucent powder is also a nice addition to the palette as it helps set everything in place and make sure it doesn't move throughout the day but I don't have anything special to say about it- very similar to any other translucent powder. However, I do think it's great to be included in this palette as then you don't need to reach for loads of different products, so convenient! I think this will be great for girls with a slightly darker complexion than my own as then you will be able to use all the shades but even if you are pale I would still invest in this simply for the yellow shade as I do think it is that good and for the translucent powder too. This would also be really convenient for those who travel as it's quite small but you have all you need concealer wise. I think this is going to become a staple in my makeup bag!
I'm so sorry the lighting in this photo isn't the best (I'm going to try and work on the lighting) but this is my eye with both The Concealer on and the yellow shade from the palette and set with the translucent powder. As I mentioned you can see some of my fine lines but I don't think they were really that noticeable in real life but there is no darkness around my eye or any little veins on my eyelid! I'm so impressed with these and these are the ones that I didn't think I would be so bothered about but I do really love these! For the price they are both an absolute bargain because they do actually work!

So this is my last post on The Face collection by Topshop! I've had the best time reviewing these and telling you all about them. Just another reminder they are out tomorrow so if you do buy any of these let me know what you think of them and how you are getting on with them! Also, if you have read all of my posts on these let me know which products you would like to try from this collection in the comments below!
Much love, 
Lucy x 
P.S I have a post which will be up tomorrow all about what beauty products to pack when going on holiday whatever your budget. I was asked to come up with something for a holiday hacks competition that ends on Friday and I would love for you to have a little look and vote for me (only if you want to!) I'll leave the link below :)